Beach treasures

It is pretty easy for us to spend a whole day at the beach and stay entertained the entire time.  The kids love to play in the waves and dig in the sand.  And all 5 of us can spend hours looking for cool little treasures to collect.  I wish I had done a better job recording our finds on film because we have been to many beaches.  We’ve been to Mustang Island, Galveston Island, Dauphin Island, St. Andrews and St. George beaches.

St. George finds

We’ve been to Cocoa, Anastasia, Key West, Key Largo and Ft Lauderdale beaches.

Ft Lauderdale finds
Beach finds

We’ve been to Tybee, Charleston and Ocracoke Beaches.

Ocracoke finds.
Shell collection
I Love Ice Cream!

And on this trip we’ve been to several beaches in Washington: Alki, Discovery Park, Ruby Beach, Rialto Beach and Beach 4.  To prove it, here are some of our finds from Washington beaches.

From Alki

Caden's glass

Brielle's glass

Dacen's glass

Agates from Ruby Beach

Agates from Ruby Beach

From Rialto Beach

Huck's favorites

From Rialto Beach

From Rialto Beach

From Rialto Beach

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