Over the Falls and Through the Rocks to… Death Maybe?

I am fascinated with waterfalls and that sort of thing so I was happy when we went to Niagara falls. We couldn’t go over to Canada because of passports, or lack thereof. We still saw the falls, we just didn’t get that famous view of horseshoe falls. We did however go on a cave of the winds tour which at one point gets you to a “hurricane deck” where you’re partly under bridal veil falls. We did a lot so I’m not gonna be able to tell you every last thing we did like, picking up tons of beach glass and how I even got some big blue pieces, or how Dacen and I played some soccer with these older-ish kids (some were my age), and maybe how we basically just relaxed a lot and played on some playgrounds and that was about all we did. Yeah I just can’t go into detail like how the slides were really fast and how the soccer nets were so high and at Niagara falls we learned about people going in barrels over the falls and through the rocks. I can however, tell you about this sign before the falls that said No Water Access Violators Will Be Prosecuted. In my mind it said No Water Access. Violators Will Drown or if not They Will Die Going Over the Falls or if not They Will Die Hitting the Water or if not They Will Drown or if not they Will be Hauled out of the Water and be Prosecuted. Yeah.

That’s all folks!


Color Blind

I think I’m going color blind because all I can see in Vermont is green Green GREEN! The nickname green mountain state fits it. Vermont is one of the places I could live. All the mountains and trees, that is what I like. I also liked the lake we went to. beautiful scenery. WOW! Then we went to a playground about 300 yards away and had dinner. That was really nice. One thing we did before that though, was going to Dakin farm. It’s strictly a maple syrup farm during the winter or spring or whenever maple surple season is, but they also have tons of other things to sell. meat products, cheese, mustard and other spreadables, fudge, (that fudge was amazingly creamy) candies like maple candy, chocolate covered peanuts, that sort of thing, but their main product which they have shelves and shelves and shelves and- (you get the point)shelves of is Maple Syrup. They had four kinds of syrup with varying amounts of sugar and whatever else they put in there. Light (which we got because it was the least sweet), Medium, Dark, and I forgot what they called it, but when I tasted it I almost swore to myself never to eat sugar again. I almost forgot! (not really, there’s no way I could forget this part it was the best.) You could sample almost EVERYTHING!!! Almost all of it was really good! I’m really going back in time so I’ll keep it short but this was cool. We got to go on a Ben and Jerry’s factory tour and my favorite part was tasting the ice cream. There was a flavor graveyard where the past flavors are remembered. We will remember them in our hearts- but mostly our stomachs. We only stayed in Vermont one full day so we missed a lot and I can’t wait to go back there sometime.

So long,

Yours truly. If you don’t know who that is, that’s me.

Vermonster Menu

If you ever go to Vermont, make sure to visit Dakin farm. They sell a ton of stuff and have seemingly even more free samples. That place is great. Did you know that Yoda from star wars has been to Vermont? It is the green mountain state and Yoda’s a green monster, so I guess he likes it there. We saw some signs of Yoda at Lake Champlain. First on the beach we saw signs like Yoda snot and maybe one of his friends run over by some vehicle. (It was really just some gross algae.)
Green slime
Then when we ate dinner, the stuff we ate was a bit suspicious. Here’s a little menu:

Yoda brain spread on crackers. (mustard from Dakin farm.

Yoda intestines. (Sausages from Dakin farm called Kabanos.)

Yoda fingers. (Snap peas)

And for desert: Candied Yoda. (Maple candy from Dakin farm.)

Okay so the last one wasn’t that creative, but in real life that candy was good! Thats all for this monstrous menu so,

T.T.F.N Tata for now,


P.S. If you want to learn more about Vermont, go look at Dacen’s post. If you want to learn more about what we did in Vermont look at my post then Dacen’s post.

P.P.S. I’m done now. Bye!


When we left New York everyones allergies started acting up. Everyone started talking about Mass-a-a-chusetts! Bess me! So sorry, but thats what happened. All through Massachusetts we were sneezing. Boston was a bit of a letdown. I thought the freedom trail would be a bit better, but it was just a lot of old buildings. I liked Paul Revere’s house the most. We went to bunker hill and climbed the monument that was there. It was so high you could see the ocean blue. Here’s a fun fact for ya: the bunker hill monument came before the Washington monument. The designer of the Washington monument lost the bunker hill contest so he entered a design that he knew was a winner. Smart guy. I liked the first cemetery we went in even though the clock right next to it struck twelve noon when we walked in. That was creepy. John Hancock, Mother Goose, and Mr. Revere are buried there. We got a tub of Ben and Jerry’s icecream to share, and it was delicious. We took the train to and from Ava every single day except for a rainy day and the night we went to Mom’s cousin Courtney and her husband Ty’s house we had tons of tacos, we played with the two dachshunds, and we watched TV. That was a fun night. That pretty much wraps our visit to Massa-a-a-chusetts! Bless me.

See you in New Hampshire,


Neck Cramps

I don’t know about you, but I really thought that New York would have more traffic and people but maybe not. I can only count a few worms in the big apple. One was the subway system pay machines. We couldn’t pay for more than one ticket at a time which for a family of five was annoying and the credit card slots weren’t working. Also the campground we stayed at was over $100.00 a night and was pretty much a parking lot for RVs. At least we had a view of the statue of Liberty. Oh yeah, Lady Liberty. (She needs a name. Someone give her a name.) Let’s call her… Ima. Ima Green Statue. She was even more awesome from a long way away than I thought. Then when we got closer Ima looked enormous. Ellis island was also bigger than I thought. I thought that the immigrants just stood in a line, but no, they go through the whole process of- well, go check out Dacen’s post. He probably has a ten page essay on it. Those islands were fun. We took the ferry back and guess what we saw? A prezel stand. And Mom had a hankerin’ for one so we split a few so we could say we ate a New York prezel. Then we meandered around, saw some monuments, (I’ve had enough o’  those to last me a lifetime) we saw a church that played a part in the post 9/11 cleanup. That was it for the day so we headed home and crashed- not the subway, into our beds. The next day we headed out and went to the top of the empire state building. The veiw was amazing. After that we went to Times Square. I liked times square the most because I could watch the endless flows of people and the ads and commercials which is really the only way I see commercials.

Caden’s friend Bob: Caden have you seen the commercial-

Caden: No.

Bob: How about the one-

Caden: No

Bob: Maybe the one with-

Caden: YES!

Bob: Really!?

Caden: No.

Mom, Dacen, and I walked to Rockefeller Center. We saw so many TV places like SNL, TTS, TTS, (that’s the tonight show, and then today show.) We saw where they put the Christmas tree and where the ice rink goes. Then we wrapped it up (not the tree) and went home. That night we went to a place to see the skyline all lit up. It was amazing! Next morning it’s off to Boston Massa-a-a-chusetts! Bless me!

Over and out,


At Least They Still Have Their Cheese Steak

I don’t really like big cities what with traffic, so I wasn’t super excited about going to Philadelphia and then New York so I was surprised when it was pretty fun. We saw the liberty Bell, Ben Franklin’s house, printing press, and a museum about him. I liked the museum because you got to do stuff. We also got a lot of the trading cards. Independence Hall was really cool. There we learned, I learned, that Philadelphia was once the nation’s Capitol. Kind of a bad turn of events for them when Washington DC came along and then the capitol of Pennsylvania was taken. Poor guys. At least they still have their Cheese Steaks. Oh yeah, Cheese steak! Yum! Those were really good even though it’s pretty much cheese, bread, and steak, although, the one I shared with Papa (I actually got three quarters since everyone gave him some) had mushrooms and peppers mmmmmmm.
Changing the subject, I think if you work in a big city and you lived outside of it, you would spend more money going to and from work than you even earned that day because of toll roads.

See you in The Big Apple,


Tourism: The Lincoln Memorial and Wow! Baby Geese!

Before I begin I need to explain about the title. We did the normal DC things but Dacen and I also saw a lot of people taking pictures of baby geese and squirrels.

Bob: Wow we’re at the Washington Monument and there’s the perfect picture! Hey Mary scooch over… little more… there! Click! Wow that turned out great! Those goslings are lifelike. Now for the Lincoln Memorial. I wonder if I can get that squirrel in there… Read more

Ye Olde Tourism.

Good day. I’m gonna start off by telling you to try to read the rest of this thing in a British accent. I’ll be doing my best to write this in Olde Englisheyness.

Williamsburg, Jamestowne, and Yorktowne be three good strong townes abustling with the men visitin’ the tavern and the blacksmith ahammerin’. There be lots a trade shoppes on the main street but there be some others farther toward yonder river. I liked the blacksmith and I was right ready to start me apprenticeship. There also be the weaver, candlemaker, bucketmaker, silversmith, tinsmith, dressmaker, basketweaver, cabinetmaker, shoemaker, wheelmaker, swordmaker, barrelmaker, and some I’ve surely forgotten. My favorite parte of Williamsburge was the court trial. I got to act as apprentice to master John something or other. The problem be that Mr. Camm of Camm’s tavern knowinly served me up some liquor right quick. There also be an outdoors marketplace that be much alike a gift shoppe. Now at Yorktowne there was a lot of weapons demonstrations. Union and confederate infantry, musket charge, confederate artillery, and union cavalry. I got to pet one of the horses and it liked me its rider told me. At Jamestowne a lady with a chicken called the chicken lady talked to us about some of the people who came to Virginia. I liked her, she was funny and ye could pet the chicken which just wandered around scratching the dirt eating ants and other bugs. We got patches from Yorktowne and Jamestowne and Fort Monroe gave us laser cut wooden badges. AWESOME. (Alright, did I do good Olde Englisheyness?)

Good day to you all,


North Carolinian Fun

So far North Carolina is very different from South Carolina. I think its dryer and treeier (trē-ē-ur) but I don’t know. At the place we’re staying there’s a bird that can sing happy birthday, flying squirrels, a mouth and heart, and a cool playground! All that and full hookups is only fifteen bucks a night! We hung…no hang…no hanged…no- well we saw the Staats and it was fun to play with them. Mrs. Staats made a good dinner and we drove in a go cart with no brakes that we nearly wrecked (really Dacen nearly wrecked it. I almost nearly wrecked it too but I stayed cool-headed enough to slow it down too and no one even thought I was out of control and if I go on I’ll be gloating).

We got to go to a chocolate factory with Calvin and Melody Deutchbein which was awesome. We got to see how chocolate is made and we even got to try some chocolate for free! I thought we’d only get samples but Mom and Papa got us normal dark chocolate and even liquid chocolate.

Ocracoke is part of the outer banks in North Carolina. It’s also the first ever national seashore. You really aren’t supposed to take the shells but lets just say we were clearing room for the next shells. Along with shelling, the sand dunes are also super fun. Sadly you’re only allowed on the dunes meant for walking on. The houses are also cute. Its such a small place that you can travel all over by bike. We went to three beaches and on one we found sand dollars, one small one wasn’t broken, but Mom found it so I didn’t get to keep it. 🙁 We got ranger badges which was cool. We visited Cape Hatteras and its lighthouse and even though we didn’t get a badge the view was amazing! Now I’m done talking so now the only reason I’m typing is… huh I don’t know why I’m typing,

Yours in confusedness,
Caden Wach

Hmmm typing… cheese… knees cheese… cheesy peasy kneesies… why am I still typing!!!???