Color Blind

I think I’m going color blind because all I can see in Vermont is green Green GREEN! The nickname green mountain state fits it. Vermont is one of the places I could live. All the mountains and trees, that is what I like. I also liked the lake we went to. beautiful scenery. WOW! Then we went to a playground about 300 yards away and had dinner. That was really nice. One thing we did before that though, was going to Dakin farm. It’s strictly a maple syrup farm during the winter or spring or whenever maple surple season is, but they also have tons of other things to sell. meat products, cheese, mustard and other spreadables, fudge, (that fudge was amazingly creamy) candies like maple candy, chocolate covered peanuts, that sort of thing, but their main product which they have shelves and shelves and shelves and- (you get the point)shelves of is Maple Syrup. They had four kinds of syrup with varying amounts of sugar and whatever else they put in there. Light (which we got because it was the least sweet), Medium, Dark, and I forgot what they called it, but when I tasted it I almost swore to myself never to eat sugar again. I almost forgot! (not really, there’s no way I could forget this part it was the best.) You could sample almost EVERYTHING!!! Almost all of it was really good! I’m really going back in time so I’ll keep it short but this was cool. We got to go on a Ben and Jerry’s factory tour and my favorite part was tasting the ice cream. There was a flavor graveyard where the past flavors are remembered. We will remember them in our hearts- but mostly our stomachs. We only stayed in Vermont one full day so we missed a lot and I can’t wait to go back there sometime.

So long,

Yours truly. If you don’t know who that is, that’s me.

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