No, not the Pacific Crest Trail….the Politically Correct Trail.  The same friends who recommended Corona Arch (to which we hiked  in the morning) recommended Negro Bill Canyon hike.  There was a lot of praise for this hike on the intertubes so I wanted to check it out.  After lunch everyone, including the dog, seemed sort of lethargic but I convinced the boys to come check out the trail with me.  The girls wanted to but Brielle’s ankle was hurting and she really wanted a Jr. Ranger badge from Utah. Read more

Time for a corona

Some friends from church recommended a couple hikes to us one of them being Corona Arch.  So I look it up on the lousy campground WiFi and see that it seems to meet all the criteria for our family:  reasonable distance (3 miles round trip), dog friendly and FREE (as in beer…like Corona).  The trailhead is about 10 miles outside of town and we had no problem finding a place to park.  It was a little chilly as we started out in the shade but the clear blue skies promised that it would warm up quickly.  Sheba was so happy to get to be on a real hike instead of having to stay in the parking lot like she did in the national park. Read more

Land of Canyons

Seven and a half years ago we came to Moab.  Brielle was just a baby and we rented a popup camper…our first foray into RVing.  Today we are back in Moab with kids all grown and the RV has grown substantially too.  Our last trip we stayed at Dead Horse Point State Park and made a day trip to Canyonlands.  This time we could not get a spot at the state park but still made a day trip to the land of canyons.  The forecast called for cold temps and rain and since we didn’t figure we’d do much long hiking we decided to take the dog along for the ride. Read more

Crowded Arches

I was already upset with Arches National Park after our surprise in the morning led the boys and I out to Fisher Towers but when we arrive to the park later in the morning with Steph and Brielle and there is a line of cars out to the highway, my blood pressure rose dramatically!  I tried to keep a good attitude as we creeped toward the entrance until finally we were in.  We stopped at the visitor center to get information on Fiery Furnace tours…but, they are not doing tours yet.  Fine, we’ll just go to Delicate Arch then….LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  The parking lot was a circus…cars just driving around and around waiting for a spot.  There was also a huge line at the bathrooms.  We finally get a spot, have a quick bite of lunch on a rock and then head off like just 5 more head of cattle in the heard towards this famous point in the park. Read more

Fisher Towers sunrise

While in Moab you have to go to Arches National Park.  While at Arches National Park you have to go to Delicate Arch.  If you are going to go to Delicate Arch you might as well pick one of the two golden hour times.  Sunset was out because, due to construction in the park in 2017, you must be out of the park by 7pm.  Plus, sunset is the most popular time anyway and the website recommends sunrise as a much less popular time but no less spectacular.  So I set my sights on this prize and convince the boys to get up early with me on this adventure. Read more