About Us



We are a Christ following family of 5 from “old town” Longmont CO.

My name is Huck.  I’m the instigator of this crazy plan. I love cycling, board games and being with my family.  I am a “hobby” musician grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to use my chops as a worship leader for the past 7 years!  Professionally I am a machine vision engineer which means I’m a computer and camera geek.  I have my own personal angel, Stephanie, who I married in ’98.

Speaking of Steph….she is a super woman.  If there is an upper limit of steps you can rack up on a FitBit, she will hit it.  Not only is she an awesome wife and mom but she is a hard core giver….she gives selflessly of her time and talent as she volunteers at church and school.  She pours so much goodness into the lives of others I’m blessed to be a part of her life.  She is also daring enough to give my crazy plan a go with me!

We have three amazing kids: 12 year old and 10 year old boys and a 6.5 year old girl.  They are great travelers, inquisitive learners, caring, and funny….they also know how to push other family members’ buttons (maybe we all know how to do that).  The kids are excited to travel and see so many new places!



Exactly!!   Whaaaaat?! What are we doing?!  We’re temporarily moving into a 300sq ft 5th wheel and heading out on an adventure across the USA.



It seems like just yesterday that the kids were born, which means they’ll be headed out on their own tomorrow.  So today we will enjoy our time together as a family.  But, more specifically, we’ll be traveling January -June (maybe July if we’re not too home sick) 2016



We like to travel with pretty loose plans but we are generally heading south and east from our home state of Colorado.  We’ll likely stay close to the water since we don’t get much any beach time at home.



  1. Why not?
  2. We’ve always enjoyed travel and I (Huck) especially like longer trips.
  3. We’ve only got about 6 years left before our oldest leaves the nest…this time as a family is precious.
  4. I (Huck) tend to be attracted to things that are not normal.  Living in a home with wheels is not all that uncommon, but I don’t think its considered normal yet.
  5. To challenge the definitions of home and community.
  6. To learn….about our country, its people, its history, and its natural resources.
  7. To build relationships…with people we meet along the way, with each other, and most importantly with our Creator
  8. To serve.  Not sure what this will look like but I keep praying expectantly that God will use us somehow on this adventure.



We’ll be living in a 5th wheel pulled by a truck we haven’t found.  I will work part time using Verizon 4G LTE which I have not acquired.  We’ll home/road/unschool the kids which we have zero experience with.  We’ll rent our house out to people we haven’t identified.  So, yeah, there are a lot of “hows” we don’t have answered yet.  But a year ago I had no idea how we would afford this, or how I would be able to work remotely or how we’d find an RV.  And yet I sit here and write this now with those 3 major “hows” answered.  God has blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined!