Star Wars and cardboard tubes

We have been packing away Christmas decorations while also trying to pack for the trip.  The kids found some cardboard tubes left over from Christmas wrapping paper and that was all it took to get them side tracked away from work.  Out came the scissors, duct tape, glue and costumes.  Here is Princess Leia…


And I think this is supposed to be Kylo Ren/Batman vs G.I. Joe?


Its a little funny that John 15:12 and the fruit of the spirit are in the backgrounds of such aggressive pictures!

The Long Wach Across America

Well, I must say, I am excited. At first I did not want to go at all, but now it sounds fun, besides living in a bedroom with both of my siblings, living out of a little “closet” and most of all, missing my friends and school. Now, I really should apologize for my overuse of commas, I just, LOVE, Commas! I just really like commas. Aaaanyways, now I am very excited because I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning, (6:30 is way too early.) the school days are going to be shorter, (not that I don’t like school.) there’s going to be no such thing as homework, (or, wait, what? Is it all homework? Oh no, I really dislike homework! Or maybe, oh nevermind.)  and overall it will be one huge field trip to Disney World, beaches, Disney World, boring museums, and Disney World! I really don’t know what this trip will hold, whether it will be fun or not, (though it surely will be.) if we’ll be home in time for soccer tryouts, and if we really are going to get a dog afterward, (I have asked so many times since I was two, and the reply was always… Later) and most importantly, if I am going to meet the muffin man. (I’m gonna ask for his autograph!)

Well, T.T.F.N (Ta-Ta For Now)


Dear Huck

Dear Huck,

Its me….pre-adventure Huck.  I wanted to write you this letter so you would remember the stress, the sleepless nights, the worries and the guilt you felt right before your trip.  You don’t remember them now because, well that is just the way those sorts of hard times* go.  One day you feel like there is this insurmountable challenge and the next there is another insurmountable challenge which takes your attention away from the previous challenge you surmounted (I did not think that was a real word, but it is!!).  So this is your friendly reminder to look back and remember one of the low points (honestly, I’m doing you a favor).

We do not have a renter yet…we have some prospects but nothing for sure yet.  Lots of folks that want pieces and parts of the 6 months but we’d really like someone to rent for the whole 6 months if possible.  The truck has had some issues…we’re praying we have a reliable and safe vehicle.  We have not been able to take a test run with the setup and have no experience pulling such a big beast.  We’ll take some driving and parking lessons with our good friend Eric once we get the hitch for the truck.  We’ve begun packing up stuff to stash in the basement and to load in the trailer but it feels like such a huge undertaking….where to begin?  Our southern destinations are being hammered with tornadoes and blizzards.  We are leaving so many friends and family behind.  I won’t get to have Friday morning coffee with my brother, we’ll miss our small group, our school friends, church friends and our bible study groups.  Is this really healthy for our kids, for our family, for our marriage?  These are just a few of the things I lay awake in bed worrying about.  Oh, and while writing this I got an email from a tenant with minor toilet and furnace issues…I needed just a little bit more on my plate!

So, drop me a line, future Huck, and let me know how small and trivial all these issues were.  How they were nothing compared to the real issues you encountered (and overcame).  Tell me how your prayers were answered in surprising, plot twisting ways that blessed your socks off.  Explain how much you and your family grew through these experiences and how glad you are that you took the chance on an epic adventure.

Warmest wishes,

Pre-adventure Huck


P.S. Maybe ask the kids to drop me a line too….when they are older…telling me how much they appreciate that they got to be part of such an amazing adventure.

* You and I both know there are REAL problems in this world and we are so thankful to only be faced with these sorts of trivial issues.

Goose guitar

Fifty seven miles.  Thats how far we drove the new (to us) truck before the check engine light came on.  A P205B code.  Its related to the heater on the DEF tank.  Oh, and the power door locks don’t work….they unlock but don’t lock.  So I’m miffed.  Wondering if this beast is a goose guitar.  Steph is looking on the bright side…”get all the kinks out now before we hit the road”.  Expensive kinks.  New possible truck names: Lotta Bills or Ben Dover?


Half Hitch

The half hitch is a simple overhand knot, where the working end of a line is brought over and under the standing part. Insecure on its own, it is a valuable component of a wide variety of useful and reliable hitches, bends, and knots.

I should have known the deal was too good to be true.  I found an older model B&W companion hitch on Amazon for less than $300!  This is $500-$600 less than retail!  But there it was, part number RVK3000.  However, upon arrival we only received box 1 of 2….a half hitch.


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