The Long Wach Across America

Well, I must say, I am excited. At first I did not want to go at all, but now it sounds fun, besides living in a bedroom with both of my siblings, living out of a little “closet” and most of all, missing my friends and school. Now, I really should apologize for my overuse of commas, I just, LOVE, Commas! I just really like commas. Aaaanyways, now I am very excited because I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning, (6:30 is way too early.) the school days are going to be shorter, (not that I don’t like school.) there’s going to be no such thing as homework, (or, wait, what? Is it all homework? Oh no, I really dislike homework! Or maybe, oh nevermind.)  and overall it will be one huge field trip to Disney World, beaches, Disney World, boring museums, and Disney World! I really don’t know what this trip will hold, whether it will be fun or not, (though it surely will be.) if we’ll be home in time for soccer tryouts, and if we really are going to get a dog afterward, (I have asked so many times since I was two, and the reply was always… Later) and most importantly, if I am going to meet the muffin man. (I’m gonna ask for his autograph!)

Well, T.T.F.N (Ta-Ta For Now)


One thought on “The Long Wach Across America

  • January 14, 2016 at 1:29 am

    Hey Caden,
    I’m not a big comma fan but I LOVE ellipses…like this … but the problem is, ellipses, a simple little dot dot dot really means “falling short” in original Greek. Bummer… I hate to think I’m falling short…because I leave dots all over the place in my writing. The main thing is… just, keep, writing, comma kid! Love, Aunt Toni


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