Color Blind

I think I’m going color blind because all I can see in Vermont is green Green GREEN! The nickname green mountain state fits it. Vermont is one of the places I could live. All the mountains and trees, that is what I like. I also liked the lake we went to. beautiful scenery. WOW! Then we went to a playground about 300 yards away and had dinner. That was really nice. One thing we did before that though, was going to Dakin farm. It’s strictly a maple syrup farm during the winter or spring or whenever maple surple season is, but they also have tons of other things to sell. meat products, cheese, mustard and other spreadables, fudge, (that fudge was amazingly creamy) candies like maple candy, chocolate covered peanuts, that sort of thing, but their main product which they have shelves and shelves and shelves and- (you get the point)shelves of is Maple Syrup. They had four kinds of syrup with varying amounts of sugar and whatever else they put in there. Light (which we got because it was the least sweet), Medium, Dark, and I forgot what they called it, but when I tasted it I almost swore to myself never to eat sugar again. I almost forgot! (not really, there’s no way I could forget this part it was the best.) You could sample almost EVERYTHING!!! Almost all of it was really good! I’m really going back in time so I’ll keep it short but this was cool. We got to go on a Ben and Jerry’s factory tour and my favorite part was tasting the ice cream. There was a flavor graveyard where the past flavors are remembered. We will remember them in our hearts- but mostly our stomachs. We only stayed in Vermont one full day so we missed a lot and I can’t wait to go back there sometime.

So long,

Yours truly. If you don’t know who that is, that’s me.

Vermonster Menu

If you ever go to Vermont, make sure to visit Dakin farm. They sell a ton of stuff and have seemingly even more free samples. That place is great. Did you know that Yoda from star wars has been to Vermont? It is the green mountain state and Yoda’s a green monster, so I guess he likes it there. We saw some signs of Yoda at Lake Champlain. First on the beach we saw signs like Yoda snot and maybe one of his friends run over by some vehicle. (It was really just some gross algae.)
Green slime
Then when we ate dinner, the stuff we ate was a bit suspicious. Here’s a little menu:

Yoda brain spread on crackers. (mustard from Dakin farm.

Yoda intestines. (Sausages from Dakin farm called Kabanos.)

Yoda fingers. (Snap peas)

And for desert: Candied Yoda. (Maple candy from Dakin farm.)

Okay so the last one wasn’t that creative, but in real life that candy was good! Thats all for this monstrous menu so,

T.T.F.N Tata for now,


P.S. If you want to learn more about Vermont, go look at Dacen’s post. If you want to learn more about what we did in Vermont look at my post then Dacen’s post.

P.P.S. I’m done now. Bye!

What Vermont tastes like

Since we were in Vermont we wanted to learn about maple syrup.  Steph located a place a bit south of our campground called Dakin Farms that seemed like a place we could learn something and try some of the sticky sweet goodness.  So we loaded up the family truckster and headed through the hills along Lake Champlain to Dakin Farm.  Its not maple season right now so we missed out on seeing how its done live, but they had some videos and a little museum/learning center where we were able to get a feel for what all goes into making maple syrup.  They also had a store full of meats and cheeses and jams and spreads and dips and, of course, maple syrup.  I think we tried just about everything and ended up buying some stuff for our picnic dinner we had planned for the evening out by the lake.
Big ol bottle

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

I was undecided about going to Vermont but Steph made an executive decision to go so I booked us a couple of nights at a campground in Shelburne near Lake Champlain.  Our route there from New Hampshire would conveniently take us right by the Ben and Jerry’s factory so we made sure we left early enough to stop in for a tour and maybe a cold treat.  The name Vermont literally translates to green mountain, and man, let me tell you the mountains are green….freakishly green!  But they were beautiful.  We arrived at Ben and Jerry’s which has RV parking and we ate lunch in the parking lot before taking the tour.  While we grazed on our lunch, the holsteins in the pasture just outside the rig grazed on their lunch too.

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