The search for a tenement on wheels

I was a hard core tent camper.  And not those big honkin’ multi-room tents but the ultra light backpacking units.  I thought anyone who needed a trailer to pull their “tent” was a sissy.  Then we rented a popup camper and it was awesome!!  We started thinking about doing a long term trip and realized that we’d need something more substantial than a pop up.  And so it came to be…I’m now a sissy (but I still absolutely love the simplicity of backpacking).  With my pride swallowed we began the search for our tenement on wheels.

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Well we’ve said we’re going to do this big adventure, all our friends and family know, so now the process of figuring out what we need to do and how we’ll get it all done.

We need a 5th wheel. We need a truck.

We’ve started conversations with the kids’ current teachers and administrators. We know we are lucky that our kids love school, reading, writing, and math. We will get copies of the standards and especially try to keep the kids on track with Language Arts and Math since they tend to build on previous lessons.

We’ve started a list of what we want to see in each state.

We’ve started to-do lists – oh the to-do’s!! What to pack – have to be mindful of both space and weight constraints! What can we take to make it feel like home, without taking too much stuff? This will be interesting, stayed tuned!