One day I went to Niagara with my family on my road trip. We saw some 200 feet from the ground falls. There were Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. It was so cool! I went to the bottom of Bridal Veil falls.  I felt wet! It was so cool! I went on the Hurricane Deck. I could hardly breathe and I couldn’t look up because water was falling on me. It felt like ice cubes falling on me. It was the awesomest falls I ever saw. Back in the day people went down them in barrels. I think that would be cool. And some survived and some didn’t. It was very rocky. I wanted to see the fireworks and the falls glow except we didn’t see them.

Kids on the hurricane deck   American Falls from tower

— Brielle (transcribed by Steph)



As told by Brielle, typed by Steph, and Steph adds explanation or additional info inside the parentheses.

We went to Jamestown in Virginia. Jamestown is a place that you can meet up with a Chicken Lady. She is a normal lady dressed up as a slave. (She was actually acting as an indentured servant. They are people that couldn’t pay their way over here to the new colony, so they work off their travel debt for a master here in Virginia.) She was the poultrice for her master.  She was holding a chicken. The chicken wanders around when she sets him down. You might want to go on one of her tours. At the end we got to pet the chicken. We saw him eat a caterpillar and a queen ant.
Chicken ladyChicken

The chicken lady told us they (the first settlers) had no clear water. She talked about it (the James River) was deep enough they didn’t have to park their boat in the middle of the river.

We learned about Pocahontas. She was a real Indian, she was really real!!! I thought she was just made up, but she wasn’t. She was an Indian princess (she was the daughter of the King of the Powhatan Indians.) She saved an English’s life two times. Before she got married she got captured by the English. She got married to an englishman when she was only 19. The guy that she got married to was John Rolfe. When she got married she had a son named Thomas.  She died when she was only 22. She got buried in England.

1613 - Pocahontas marries John Rolfe | Savages & Scoundrels      Pocahontis

I found a green caterpillar. It’s name was Apple because it was green as an apple with a bit of yellow. I didn’t want to leave it, but I had to because it wanted to go on a leaf because it needed food. Caden convinced me to do that.

I saw a church that was really cool. We saw the graves.  The church was solid brick. (The current one was built in 1907) The first one was made out of wood.* Inside the church they had stories about people. John Rolfe, Pocahontas (and other important English settlers**.)

At the end I got a wood recorder that was only $1.90!


* (They rebuilt it with brick or stone. The current one was rebuilt on top of the place where the original one was built. They have glass panels along the floor where you can see the original foundation.)

** (For 12 years the colonists in Jamestown wrote the British government asking if they could have their own council. After 12 years of requests England said yes. The first colonial government (the House of Burgesses) met in this church. Many of those early leaders are commemorated on plaques in this church. )

Wright Brothers Memorial by Brielle

Today mom, papa, Caden, Dacen and me Brielle went to wright brothers memorial!! Why am I so excited ? Well the 2 brothers were the FIRST IN FLYTE!!!! Their names are Wilbur and Orville. It was so cool!!!! They came from Ohio they wanted to go to Kitty Hawk becuas Kitty Hawk had wind, isolation and sand. They built there own airplane!!!!!!

There was this one stachu (statue) and we got to play on it. It was really fun playing on it. It was really slippery so you could slide off. It’s really fun to slide off it.

Not the statue but the one the rangers built (The working life size replica) it wasn’t the one the brothers built but it was like that one. The one the rangers built you couldn’t play on but the statue one you could play on.

The one the rangers built was made out of cloth and wood. It was cool. It worked like the two brothers plane. It had a statue of one of the two brothers on it. They wanted it to look like one of the two brothers was (laying on it/flying it). I told mom the guy hasn’t moved.

They even have picures of the diary. You can’t read it that good.






Disney World

At Disney world I saw Elsa, Anna, Merida, Alice, Mad Hatter, Tiana, Jasmine, Aladdin, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Ariel, Rapunzel (she kissed my  autograph  book), Cinderella, Tinkerbell,  Belle, and  Mickey Mouse.  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  We saw more then we thought!!!!!  I wanted to see more characters but mom said the rest of the characters we didn’t see were gone.

The rides were fun!!!  Mad Tea Party and the Ariel thing where you ride in the clam sorta thing.   But not Goofy’s roller coaster.  I was getting tired so we went home.  We love Disney World!!!!!!!

Brielle and Elsa

Brielle and Anna

Anna and the girls

Uh huh

We're here!

Brielle and Merida


Princess Brielle

Brielle, Alice and the Mad Hatter

Tea Cup ride

Princess Brielle in Tiana's garden

Our princess

Brielle and Tiana

Brielle, Jasmine and Aladdin

So, like, the Magic Castle

Daisey Duck with the girls

Where's Minnie?

Brielle and Minnie

Minnie with the girls

Brielle and Goofy

Brielle and Donald

Ariel's autograph

Brielle and Ariel


Fairy Godmother

Fairy dust


Brielle and Rapunzel

Cinderella's signature

Brielle and Cinderella


Oh no!

Queen of hearts

Tinker Bell's autograph

Brielle with Tinker Bell

Fairy Brielle

Princess hat

Mickey's signature

Brielle and Mickey


The Bottle House

We went to the Bottle house in Carrabelle! Leon who built the bottle house, had 2 dogs. Sophie was the girl and Zach was the boy. Zach kept trying to lick us all on the face. And he did a few times. We loved the dogs because we kept petting them and they were so calm and nice. Leon was so cool, he really is. He also made a lighthouse and these ball things (the geodomes). Leon and his wife rescued both dogs. They had fluffy hair because they are big poodles.

Bottle house

Cork table


Very light inside

Bottle bench

Bottle tower

Bottle lighthouse

Leon the artist with kids

Snack at the museum

Officers B, C and D

Worlds smallest police station

Riding over the bridge




Carlsbad Caverns

In Carlsbad Caverns I saw a soda straw (formation). I saw A lot of things. It was a long way to hike. We went to the big room. We saw columns and stalactites. In the big room we saw Fairyland. At fairyland my Papa teased me that fairies live there. I laughed and laughed. It was so cool !!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow I am using these !s’ seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Carlsbad caverns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the gift shop I got a stuft animal bat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rocks are a solid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make crystals out of liqids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was dark in there but there where lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before we went in the cave we ate lunch. My papa forgot my lunch. so I had to eat my papas’ chicken & carits.I saw a few crystals.