I’m positive that I took American history during my school years.  But for some reason, nothing (or very little) seemed to stick.  I can remember my childhood friend Gordy Carlson’s phone number (598-2426…it was even before 10 digit dialing!) but can’t remember when the war of 1812 was!  Just kidding.  But its almost that bad.  I’m ashamed at how little I know.  But I think this old dog IS learning some new tricks about history and its filling me with lots of questions and desires to learn even more!  I hope this adventure is having the same effect on the kids.  Perhaps when they are learning American history in the classroom they will already have a solid foundation and they can capitalize on the opportunity to dig deeper to where their questions lead them.

All that to say, I had no clue that there was a group of English settlers who came to America well before the Pilgrims I learned about in school.  It was 1587 and they settled on Roanoke Island just a short drive from our campground.  So we packed a lunch and drove out to the Roanoke Island Festival Park.

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Wright Brothers Memorial by Brielle

Today mom, papa, Caden, Dacen and me Brielle went to wright brothers memorial!! Why am I so excited ? Well the 2 brothers were the FIRST IN FLYTE!!!! Their names are Wilbur and Orville. It was so cool!!!! They came from Ohio they wanted to go to Kitty Hawk becuas Kitty Hawk had wind, isolation and sand. They built there own airplane!!!!!!

There was this one stachu (statue) and we got to play on it. It was really fun playing on it. It was really slippery so you could slide off. It’s really fun to slide off it.

Not the statue but the one the rangers built (The working life size replica) it wasn’t the one the brothers built but it was like that one. The one the rangers built you couldn’t play on but the statue one you could play on.

The one the rangers built was made out of cloth and wood. It was cool. It worked like the two brothers plane. It had a statue of one of the two brothers on it. They wanted it to look like one of the two brothers was (laying on it/flying it). I told mom the guy hasn’t moved.

They even have picures of the diary. You can’t read it that good.






Lights and Flights

We had to say goodbye to Ocracoke as we moved on northward.  We arrived at the ferry terminal just as one ferry was leaving which gave us an almost assured spot on the next one.  This ferry will take us to Hatteras, does not take reservations and is free!  While we waited for the ferry we did a little more beach combing where we found a dead puffer fish (we think) and a dead jelly fish (we think).  We boarded the ferry and set sail.  I took my computer into the passenger lounge to do some work while the rest of the fam stayed in the vehicle and….uh, I don’t know what they did.  We arrived at the Hatteras ferry terminal and made a beeline to the famous Hatteras lighthouse.
Hatteras lighthouse

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