Thank you for stopping by our travel blog!  What you will find here are a collection of stories we have written about our travels as a family since 2015.  I wish I could tell you that you were in for some epic adventure tales about an extraordinary family who, against all odds and set backs, set out to explore the world as nomads on a mission to love, live and learn.  I mean, I could tell you that and not be lying at all.  But I think you would then find yourself disappointed after getting into our story and think to yourself, “that’s not so special…we could do that!”  So that is what I want to tell you…you can do [insert your own crazy pipe dream here]!! You will never be totally prepared.  You will never be totally ready.  At some point you will just have to go for it and jump.  And, once you become the main character of your own tale, the adventures you have will be epic and you will find that you have an extraordinary set of co-stars to help you overcome the odds and get past the setbacks on your very own mission.

If you do want to read our story you can start at the beginning* and read about our travel preparations (in chronological order) which included some very non-ideal vehicle issues but ultimately led to us taking the jump to in-dependence.  From there you can read about our travels from then to now.  You can also learn a little bit more about us, see some stats, some photos and a map of our travels.

*we actually traveled a fair amount before 2015 but did not blog about it until now (which is now then since it is no longer 2015…does that make sense?)

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