In Dependence Day

Rewind back to Oct 4, 2015 at our church Grace Place.  Its opening weekend of the new facility we have been blessed with and the preacher does a short bit on “independence” and into my head pops this:

There is a vast space between “independence” and being “in <space> dependence”

Of course, there is no way something so clever could also be original and I proved myself correct with a quick search at big G where I found at least one.  But still I like it.  And I’m on the journey from the former to the latter.

So, as we drive away from everything that is known and comfy and into this adventure there is a mix of those two feelings.  On one hand we are fully independent:  I’m an independent contractor, we have independent little learners we are homeschooling, we are independent from a concrete foundation, the world is our oyster (or the US is our clam).  On the other hand we find ourselves fully in dependence as we leave everything that is known and comfortable to us.  Dependent on our truck and 5th wheel, dependent on each other, dependent on kind and generous people we will no doubt meet, and dependent on God.  Fully dependent on God to continue to provide for us, protect us, guide us, teach us, comfort us and surprise us.

Father in heaven….thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  I ask that this adventure marks a giant step in my journey from independence to in dependence.  Amen

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