Disney World

At Disney world I saw Elsa, Anna, Merida, Alice, Mad Hatter, Tiana, Jasmine, Aladdin, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Ariel, Rapunzel (she kissed my  autograph  book), Cinderella, Tinkerbell,  Belle, and  Mickey Mouse.  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  We saw more then we thought!!!!!  I wanted to see more characters but mom said the rest of the characters we didn’t see were gone.

The rides were fun!!!  Mad Tea Party and the Ariel thing where you ride in the clam sorta thing.   But not Goofy’s roller coaster.  I was getting tired so we went home.  We love Disney World!!!!!!!

Brielle and Elsa

Brielle and Anna

Anna and the girls

Uh huh

We're here!

Brielle and Merida


Princess Brielle

Brielle, Alice and the Mad Hatter

Tea Cup ride

Princess Brielle in Tiana's garden

Our princess

Brielle and Tiana

Brielle, Jasmine and Aladdin

So, like, the Magic Castle

Daisey Duck with the girls

Where's Minnie?

Brielle and Minnie

Minnie with the girls

Brielle and Goofy

Brielle and Donald

Ariel's autograph

Brielle and Ariel


Fairy Godmother

Fairy dust


Brielle and Rapunzel

Cinderella's signature

Brielle and Cinderella


Oh no!

Queen of hearts

Tinker Bell's autograph

Brielle with Tinker Bell

Fairy Brielle

Princess hat

Mickey's signature

Brielle and Mickey


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  • April 1, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Happy Birthday Brielle!


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