Harry Potter

Universal Orlando. We went to Universal in Orlando, Florida. We had a choice of doing 2 different parks Islands of Adventure and Hogsmeade or Universal Studios and Diagon Alley. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are both from Harry Potter. Both parks had pros and cons but after lots of research we decided to go to Islands of Adventure and Hogsmeade. Sadly, a really fun looking ride, The Incredible Hulk, was having a major update.
First in line!

Forbidden  Journey. We made a pretty good plan for our day and followed it pretty well. Our plan was to put our backpack in a locker then book it to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. (The Harry Potter stuff is very popular.) A lot of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is on a video screen and is put together very well. It was awesome!! Also, a lot of  The Forbidden Journey is in Hogwarts castle.

Dragons. After that we ran to the dragon challenge and rented a locker in which we put our loose pocket contents. The wait was only like, 10 minutes. The Dragon Challenge is based off of the Triwizard Tournament. (Read the book The Goblet of  Fire to learn more.) On this ride you could ride 2 different dragons: a Hungarian Horntail or a Chinese Fireball.  We decided to do the Hungarian Horntail first because I thought it would be more fun. After doing it, Papa said he felt drunk. I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom really bad, and at the same time didn’t. Caden and I did the Chinese Fireball while Papa just watched. Later, Papa felt better and decided to do the Chinese Fireball with us. I think Chinese Fireball was better because its faster.

Hippogriffs. In the Afternoon, we went to Hogsmeade to do Flight of the Hippogriff. We looked at reviews on the web and people said it never really had a long line and was worthwhile. Aaaaaanyways we had the worst luck. The ride broke down and we had to wait like an extra 10 minutes. Turns out, (in my opinion.) the ride was not worthwhile. Meeeeeanwhile a Hippogriff is a creature with a horse-like torso and legs with an eagle-like head and claws, wings and ooooobviously has “hippo” in its name.

Shopping in Hogsmeade. When it comes to me, I don’t like shopping. When it comes to Harry Potter, I love shopping. In the brutal, blazing hot, weather of Florida, we wanted butterbeer. We heard that butterbeer ice cream is amazing though. Butterbeer: fudge, frozen, ice cream, cold, hot, and many more ways to have your butterbeer. We got our butterbeer ice cream from a popular British/English restaurant called The Three Broomsticks. At 6:00. all of the places to eat were closed and we were hungry, we could only eat at 2 places, The Three Broomsticks and a candy shop: Honeydukes. Sooooo, we ended up going to The Three Broomsticks Papa and I got Fish and Chips and Caden got Shepherds Pie with a salad. I thought Fish and Chips wouldn’t fill me up but I ordered them anyway. Turns out I was wrong. Caden had to eat my last fish stick for me but I ate his cucumbers. Aren’t I a good boy?! 😉 It was 7:00 when we went to Honeydukes and I got Peppermint Toads which are toad shaped chocolates with peppermint and costed $6.95. I also got a Chocolate Frog which is about 4 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch. In the box is a card that has a picture of a famous wizard and has info about them. I got Salazar Slytherin. The Chocolate Frog costed $10.95. Papa bought us a cauldron cake which is pretty small and is the cheapest thing in the store (literally) costing $4.00. Lucky for me I left some room in my tummy for dessert. It had 6 chocolates: chocolate cake, dipped in chocolate, chocolate mousse inside, chocolate frosting, dark chocolate handle, and a piece of white chocolate on top.Cauldron Cake
Toon Lagoon.  In Toon Lagoon we didn’t do much but we did get lots of pictures with the fun speech bubbles.
Hang on
You're rightIn living color

Here are a collection of pictures from the day.



First in line!

Open sesame

Poseidon's palace

I'm not riding with you

Boys at the castle

Hogwarts express


A cool snack

Butterbeer ice cream

Boys at Hogwarts


Look out!



Cauldron Cake

Don't let go

Hang on


They can

You're right

There is

In living color

Hey, he IS a kid

Riding a leopard

Where to?


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