Time for a corona

Some friends from church recommended a couple hikes to us one of them being Corona Arch.  So I look it up on the lousy campground WiFi and see that it seems to meet all the criteria for our family:  reasonable distance (3 miles round trip), dog friendly and FREE (as in beer…like Corona).  The trailhead is about 10 miles outside of town and we had no problem finding a place to park.  It was a little chilly as we started out in the shade but the clear blue skies promised that it would warm up quickly.  Sheba was so happy to get to be on a real hike instead of having to stay in the parking lot like she did in the national park.

It was a really beautiful hike to the arch.  There were quite a few other hikers but nothing like our Delicate Arch experience.  We passed a pretty amazing collection of cairns, we scaled a steep cabled section and climbed a ladder up another part.  Sheba had no problems….like she may be part mountain goat.

The arch itself is really impressive.  During my research I realized that I had seen this arch before in this video about people who use it as a giant rope swing.  They have recently banned roped activities on the arch as there have been some accidents.  The video is pretty trippy but seeing the arch in person made my tail bone tingle as I imagined those nut job rope artists dangling off the rock.

It got pretty warm as we returned to the truck but it was a great way to spend the morning and made us nice and hungry for lunch back at the rig.  Here are a few pictures of the hike.


Sheba sniffing

Green in the desert

Sheba is loving it

Wach shadow

Cactus hunter


Cairn city

Rock climb



Bow tie arch

Bow tie arch

Under the arch


Shady spot to rest


Arch support


I got this

She makes it look easy

Wachs rock walk

Kids in the canyon




Kids in the shade

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