Land of Canyons

Seven and a half years ago we came to Moab.  Brielle was just a baby and we rented a popup camper…our first foray into RVing.  Today we are back in Moab with kids all grown and the RV has grown substantially too.  Our last trip we stayed at Dead Horse Point State Park and made a day trip to Canyonlands.  This time we could not get a spot at the state park but still made a day trip to the land of canyons.  The forecast called for cold temps and rain and since we didn’t figure we’d do much long hiking we decided to take the dog along for the ride.

We had to wait in line at the entrance gate but once we got in it wasn’t too crowded.  We went all the way to the back of the park and worked our way forwards.  It was definitely chilly, especially when the wind blew, but it never actually rained on us although you could see rain storms down in the canyon.  It actually made for some pretty spectacular cloud shows like this one I captured during lunch.

The recent rain had filled the pot holes at the tops of the cliffs so I considered ourselves quite fortunate to be able to see these in what is probably a pretty unique state of wetness.  We checked out just about every overlook we could and even climbed to the top of Whale Rock!  It was 7.5 years ago that we bought the kids their national parks passports at the Canyonlands visitor center and got their first stamps so it only seemed right to stop there again and get another stamp from our visit today.

For dinner we went out to Moab’s oldest restaurant, Milt’s Stop and Eat.  We waited about 30 minutes in line at the order window and when we got there were told that food would take about 35min.  We weren’t giving up that easy so we placed our order and waited…and waited….and waited.  Finally our order came up…”Skywalker, your order is ready” they called over the loud speaker (Dacen wanted me to tell them our name was Skywalker).  We were able to score one of only two tables located inside out of the chilly air.  Only Caden had room in his gut for a Milt Shake….actually he had a Malted Milt.  Believe it or not they do NOT call them that, but they should!!

Walking the pup


White Rim pano



White rim



On the edge


More pools




Lots of pools

My girls

Who is taller?

Me and my sweety

Green River overlook

On Whale Rock

Boys on Whale Rock

Huck and kids on Whale Rock

Sunrise at Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch

In line at Milts

Waiting for dinner

Stiff piping

Oh my!

Photo by Caden


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