Ye Olde Tourism.

Good day. I’m gonna start off by telling you to try to read the rest of this thing in a British accent. I’ll be doing my best to write this in Olde Englisheyness.

Williamsburg, Jamestowne, and Yorktowne be three good strong townes abustling with the men visitin’ the tavern and the blacksmith ahammerin’. There be lots a trade shoppes on the main street but there be some others farther toward yonder river. I liked the blacksmith and I was right ready to start me apprenticeship. There also be the weaver, candlemaker, bucketmaker, silversmith, tinsmith, dressmaker, basketweaver, cabinetmaker, shoemaker, wheelmaker, swordmaker, barrelmaker, and some I’ve surely forgotten. My favorite parte of Williamsburge was the court trial. I got to act as apprentice to master John something or other. The problem be that Mr. Camm of Camm’s tavern knowinly served me up some liquor right quick. There also be an outdoors marketplace that be much alike a gift shoppe. Now at Yorktowne there was a lot of weapons demonstrations. Union and confederate infantry, musket charge, confederate artillery, and union cavalry. I got to pet one of the horses and it liked me its rider told me. At Jamestowne a lady with a chicken called the chicken lady talked to us about some of the people who came to Virginia. I liked her, she was funny and ye could pet the chicken which just wandered around scratching the dirt eating ants and other bugs. We got patches from Yorktowne and Jamestowne and Fort Monroe gave us laser cut wooden badges. AWESOME. (Alright, did I do good Olde Englisheyness?)

Good day to you all,


2 thoughts on “Ye Olde Tourism.

  • May 6, 2016 at 4:29 am

    Caden, you write with humor and a distinctive voice that engages the reader and makes them want to read more!

    I grew up in the city of Richmond, plus counties of Henrico, Hanover, and King & Queen, Va. (Currently in the news, as the high school principal has resigned). You are in my old backyard!

    We saw Williamsburg last summer, and Jamestown the year before, and had a great time at both. We grew up going to the river beaches in Yorktown.

    Are you DC bound? USE THE METRO. Find some end of the metro that makes sense for your travel plans for in and out of the city. Drive around.
    Really. There is no good time to drive in that city. Ever. All the metro stops are close to attractions. If you have time for it, a hop-on-hop-off bus might be a fun way to visit/see a lot quickly. While a bit pricey, Groupon typically has a deal. Start early in the day. You get a 24 hour pass on some tours, but it’s 24 hrs from when you start, and they close up at 5. (If you start today at 1pm, you have until 5 tonight, and then time again in the morning, 8-1.) You won’t want to stop at every spot. Pick your top spots.

    Want to see some key monuments quickly? Head to the Vietnam Memorial. The Korean Memorial, MLK Jr, and Lincoln are all close, and Jefferson isn’t far away with lovely views of the Mall. (Jefferson gives a taste of the Univ.
    of Va/Monticello, if you don’t have time to visit those.)

    If you’re already in Baltimore, the Aquarium is top-notch. It’s expensive, but a fabulous collection. For free, you might catch glimpses of dolphins in the bay.

    Enjoy your time. We are super jealous!!

  • May 9, 2016 at 12:09 am

    Great post Caden. I love your humor and clever way of stating facts. That is my most favorite time in history and how our nation got started. Love you!!! Granna


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