Tourism: The Lincoln Memorial and Wow! Baby Geese!

Before I begin I need to explain about the title. We did the normal DC things but Dacen and I also saw a lot of people taking pictures of baby geese and squirrels.

Bob: Wow we’re at the Washington Monument and there’s the perfect picture! Hey Mary scooch over… little more… there! Click! Wow that turned out great! Those goslings are lifelike. Now for the Lincoln Memorial. I wonder if I can get that squirrel in there…

A lot of my friends have gone to Washington DC so I couldn’t wait to come. I didn’t know there were nine Smithsonians, I thought that there was only one and it was relatively small. I liked the American history museum the most because it was so interactive. The monuments were much cooler than I thought. My favorite was the Lincoln memorial because of the bigness and the statue and the veiw from the top of the steps.

While we were there it rained every stinking day which meant that they had had about twenty days of rain in a row. I’m going to jump off topic for a moment. We went out to eat at this Greek restaurant that served Greek and Italian food which had Mexican music playing. I had pizza and Dacen and Brielle had gyros. The owner of the restaurant Charlie’s, his name was Charlie gave us free dessert which I think is the first time I’ve had more than a bite of ice cream for dessert at a restaurant. Charlie was really nice. Back on topic now. Cory Gardener, the junior senator for Colorado arranged a tour of the capital and we even saw the Senate in somewhat session and it was BOOORIIING. One guy gave a speech which was basically him whining about red tape and mosquitos. He didn’t like the red tape cuz it was hard to remove. It was probably duck tape. I like the black duck tape the most but not the colorful ones that much. Papa forgot to keep his knife at home and he got caught trying to hide it and stealthily remove it and was haulled of to jail. Just kidding. He just lost the knife. In a huge room, scaffolding and tarps were covering a lot of the art but other parts were cool too. In one room when you stood in one spot you could hear our guide speaking softly behind his hand about twenty yards away. Crazy. But we have something now that makes it so you can hear someone from almost a mile away sometimes more. Do you want me to tell you what it is? Okay I’m gonna tell you. I am about to tell you. Soon I will tell you. Alright I’ll tell you. Here goes. I’m mounting up your frustration. I’m building the hype… It is… The invention I mean… It’s called a phone. Did I trick you!? Did you groan or roll your eyes when you read that!? If so my mission is complete.

Farewell my friends,


P.S. we went to the national zoo and saw the pandas, even the young one who was cute. Here’s a video.

2 thoughts on “Tourism: The Lincoln Memorial and Wow! Baby Geese!

  • May 22, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Great Job in DC Wach family! Sorry Huck missed out on Zoo but Panda video was sweet. Air & Space always crowded! Happy that you had a great DC adventure and your heads up on how to do it on a budget will certainly help future visitors. Also happy that your home state “politicians” were able to help out wit Capitol Tour. I watch C-Span from time to time and see them mostly flapping their gums to empty chambers on TV. They managed to do something right in DC for tourist with free admissions to the National Museums you’ll agree.
    I hope that the NY camping info helps for the future. Phillie option still open for you here. Timberlane Campground in Jersey. Sad days here right now though as we had to put down our 17 year old Dachsund “Tootsie” the other nite. We will get thru it.
    Continied safe travels,
    New Jersey Ant

    • May 23, 2016 at 1:58 am

      Thanks, we had a blast in DC! We’ll be posting about Phillie soon…and yes, we stayed at Timberlane!!


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