North Carolinian Fun

So far North Carolina is very different from South Carolina. I think its dryer and treeier (trē-ē-ur) but I don’t know. At the place we’re staying there’s a bird that can sing happy birthday, flying squirrels, a mouth and heart, and a cool playground! All that and full hookups is only fifteen bucks a night! We hung…no hang…no hanged…no- well we saw the Staats and it was fun to play with them. Mrs. Staats made a good dinner and we drove in a go cart with no brakes that we nearly wrecked (really Dacen nearly wrecked it. I almost nearly wrecked it too but I stayed cool-headed enough to slow it down too and no one even thought I was out of control and if I go on I’ll be gloating).

We got to go to a chocolate factory with Calvin and Melody Deutchbein which was awesome. We got to see how chocolate is made and we even got to try some chocolate for free! I thought we’d only get samples but Mom and Papa got us normal dark chocolate and even liquid chocolate.

Ocracoke is part of the outer banks in North Carolina. It’s also the first ever national seashore. You really aren’t supposed to take the shells but lets just say we were clearing room for the next shells. Along with shelling, the sand dunes are also super fun. Sadly you’re only allowed on the dunes meant for walking on. The houses are also cute. Its such a small place that you can travel all over by bike. We went to three beaches and on one we found sand dollars, one small one wasn’t broken, but Mom found it so I didn’t get to keep it. 🙁 We got ranger badges which was cool. We visited Cape Hatteras and its lighthouse and even though we didn’t get a badge the view was amazing! Now I’m done talking so now the only reason I’m typing is… huh I don’t know why I’m typing,

Yours in confusedness,
Caden Wach

Hmmm typing… cheese… knees cheese… cheesy peasy kneesies… why am I still typing!!!???

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