Dauphin Island

Somewhere along the way I’d heard about Dauphin Island and since its close to Mobile where we have friends we wanted to visit we decided to check it out.  We made reservations for 3 nights at the campground on the island.  Its a pretty decent campground and the price was fair (more than a state park but less than many private parks)…it helped that we just had a water and electric site with no sewer.  Lots of campers seem like they are here for a long time….not full time, but snowbird types.  But the crown jewel of this campground was that it was just a short walk to a really nice beach.

Beautiful beach

Dacen covered the details of our time on the island pretty well in his blog post but here I’ll throw in a few thoughts of my own.

For some reason I had a heck of a time backing into the spot…but after a few attempts with Steph and Caden spotting me I got it right.  After we got settled the kids and I walked to the beach.  Can you guess what their first question was?  You’re right…’Can we take our shoes off and get in the water?’  We played at the beach until dinner time.  I can’t tell you the joy it brings me to see my kids having such a blast…outdoors, together…its perfect!

The next day I worked in the morning then we went out exploring for the afternoon.  We got to pet rays, skates and a shark at the Sea Lab’s “touch tank”, check out some pelicans at the dock, see Fort Gaines and then wound up back on the beach by the campground.  This time the kids had their swim suits on and brought sand toys and then fun began…again.  The waves were small but bigger than they had been the day before and the kids loved getting hit by bigger and bigger waves.  All 3 dug a giant hole and protected it from the onslaught of waves with a sand levee.  Everyone who walked by was surprised that the kids were in the water…but when you are young and from CO I guess you can tolerate the cold waters.  Steph and I just sat back and enjoyed our time together watching the kids play.

Later that night, the boys and I took a walk to the beach to “count the stars” in the Gulf of Mexico.  It was a really nice night and fun to be out on the beach in the dark.

I could see spending a little more time here exploring or a long time here if you just wanted to relax.

Path to the beach

Wachs on the beach


How far will he go?

Golden hour


Beautiful beach

Never too old

Touch Tank

Petting rays and a shark



Science lesson with the rays, skates and sharks

Self explanatory

Checking out the pelicans


The wall of Fort Gaines

Still dry

The start of something


Our princess in the sand




Big hole and a levee

Dacen phoning friends in Longmont


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