A little taste of home!

I can’t find the words to explain how great this day was! It was peaceful and exciting and fun and relaxing and just filled me up!!

I was so excited to see Bill and Karen Miller. They are friends from church who had just moved full time down to Mobile, AL. As much as I love traveling and seeing new places, I also realized a couple of weeks ago that the familiar is super nice! I was looking forward to hanging out with them. They had offered a few ideas of things to go do and see. We had a lot of big days of site seeing just before that in New Orleans, so I decided a day on the boat would be fun and then just hanging out with them would be great. Some down time was needed and a boat ride would be new and different for the kids.

They live right on the water and I LOVE the water! Their house is so lovely with a wonderful, peaceful view of the water that borders two sides of the house. Oh and they have 3 dogs – one for each of our kids to love on! 🙂  I can totally see why they live here!

 IMG_20160220_173856502_HDR[1] IMG_20160222_094404565[1]

The boat ride was even better than I expected! And the kids each said the same thing. We had such a blast! It was fun watching the kids enjoy it. Everything from the wild bumps to laying down, almost napping during the calm. I had no idea how far we were going or how long we would be on the boat. I was happy with whatever Bill and Karen had planned. We started down the Dog River and they said we would go out on Mobile Bay as they often saw dolphin there. I thought to myself “pleeeeease let us see a dolphin!” And a good look would be really great too!” I still had no idea how big the Bay was. Right when we entered the Bay – and I mean right when we entered – a dolphin appeared right next to the boat! And then it surfaced again even closer! I barely missed recording it both times on my phone – darn. But it was soooo cool! It really was a fabulous welcome to the Bay.

IMG_20160219_163542901_TOP[1]   IMG_20160219_162416175[1]   IMG_20160219_114930802[1]

The ride was longer than I expected, and I loved it all. We had a yummy lunch at a place owned by Jimmy Buffett’s sister. Then we motored on to a place where Karen knew we could get some boiled peanuts. I’m so glad she warned us they were kind of like the consistency of a bean, because that is accurate. It would be interesting to try them in another sauce/flavor.  All 3 kids got to drive the boat at some point. I wasn’t even aware of that as Karen and I sat up front chatting the whole time! 🙂

P1070888[1] P1070893[1] P1070886[1]

Back to the house for some down time and a delicious dinner and then back to Dauphin Island for us. Bill and Karen had offered for us to stay at their house, but Huck and I hate to impose and we have this house that we are now used to living in. It’s kind of easier than packing up to stay somewhere else. Well…. the next day I decided to take them up on their offer, so we stayed 2 nights in their house. Bonus: the kids loved waking up and having the dogs right there.

IMG_20160222_090250767[1] P1070913[1] P1070911[1]

Bill and Karen offered to watch the kids so Huck and I could have a date night. They are so thoughtful! Huck and I had a fun evening out. Dinner at The Royal Scam (cracks me up on so many levels!) and then a bluegrass/country/folk concert at The Listening Room. Phil and Foster were playing. I don’t know a thing about Bluegrass, but they were good and it was fun.


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