Ruby Beach

Our neighbors at the campground are from Washington and visit the Olympic Peninsula regularly.  According to them there is no beach better than Ruby Beach which was already on our short list.  So after our morning in the Hoh Rainforest and a late lunch back at the rig we added Sheba to our party and headed to the beach.  All the beaches in Kalaloch, including Ruby Beach, allow leashed dogs!  We were anxious to see how Sheba would react to the sand and waves!

As we had descended from the campground to the coast we entered some low lying clouds that presented more of that misty Pacific Northwest feel.  We knew we had missed low tide by a couple of hours but thought this would help us avoid some of the crowds who come just to explore the tide pools.  Wrong!  Parking lot was packed and cars lined the road all the way into the lot.  But after one lap we found a spot big enough for the Beast and we hopped out to explore.  We were all a bit surprised at the difference in weather and temperature down on the beach compared to 20 miles away from the coast!

The beach was very cool looking.  Steep hillsides just lush with trees and ferns and moss leading right to the sand and pebble beaches.  And between the two a swath of enormous white driftwood; the skeletons of the trees that have fallen prey to the crashing waves and harsh weather of the coast.  As the tide came in mist lifted off the ground as the cold waves hit the sun warmed beach of low tide.  Large rocks called sea stacks jutted out of the ocean along the coast line like children of the mainland.  This is exactly how I had the beaches of the Pacific Northwest pictured!  But no longer is it just a picture in my mind’s eye, I am really here!  Watching my kids playing with the dog, running from the never-ending waves.  Watching my beautiful wife collecting pebbles.  The smell of the sea air and the feel of the mist against my bald head.  Speaking of which, I SURE wish I’d brought my hat….my head got COLD!!

We were all surprised at how quickly Sheba took to the waves.  Usually it takes some coaxing from us to get her to go in the water.  But she immediately ran out with the kids into the waves!  Once she gets wet she wants to run.  Not just jog, she wants to flat out sprint!!  When she can be off leash this is fine, but on leash means that one poor kid has to try to keep up with her speed and quick darting turns.  Back on the beach she found a mussel shell that she was very curious about but also super skittish over.  She would slowly creep up on it then jump away after a quick sniff.  It was pretty funny.  Eventually she picked it up in her mouth but did not eat it.

Our campground neighbors had told us you could find agate on the beach.  White rocks that are somewhat translucent.  We all had a lot of fun collecting what we thought might be agates, playing in the creek that dumped into the ocean and exploring the nooks and crannies of a sea stack on the beach.  The clouds parted briefly to show the blue sky and a bit of sunshine but it was relatively short lived.  When my head could not handle the cold wind anymore and some people’s bladders were about to burst we decided to call it a day and headed home.

Back home we had dinner and made a fire to roast marshmallows for dessert!  Since our firewood piles Bruce, Winston and Kyle had been extradited to Canada we needed to buy some new firewood and so chose Joe from Hoh over the other bundles for sale, Flo, Bo and Mo (also all from Hoh).  We took showers then read a bit before bed.  Another amazing day full of amazing experiences in amazing surroundings with amazing people compliments of God!  Thank you Lord for this day and for this life!!


Caden in the hole

All 6 of us

Chasing waves


Ankle deep




Ruby Beach pano

Running from waves

Blue sky

On the beach

Steph and Sheba

Sun came out!


Gap in the rock

Muddy foot

Picking through driftwood

The girls



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