Combing the beaches

Our first day in the Seattle area did not start off so great.  Caden’s stomach was hurting.  He can usually tough it out pretty well but this was bad.  We had planned on checking out several of the area beaches including the Alki area since I’d read that beach glass could be found there.  Last year when we were in Niagara we spent a whole day on Lake Ontario finding beach glass and had a ball.  Even though Caden was feeling crappy he decided to try to go along.  We packed a lunch and headed off to Alki.  The weather was gorgeous, we found parking without any troubles and headed straight to the beach.
Searching for sea glass

We took turns with Sheba up on the walkway while everyone else scoured the beach.  Sure enough, there was beach glass!  It took some searching with a keen eye to spot it but that is what makes it so fun.  I’ve told the kids about the glass beach in Fort Bragg, CA and how it is almost pure beach glass….just reach down and blindly scoop it up by the handful.  I hope they get a chance to see it someday.  However, on a walk back in Hungry Horse when Caden and I were talking about water and beaches he made a comment that beach glass seems more special when it’s hard to find.

There was a Starbucks along the beach, and while I rarely purchase fancy coffee, I decided to treat myself to a Seattle original while I was in Seattle.  As Steph and the kids scoured and combed the beach, Sheba explored all the new smells of the ocean and I sipped on my cup of Pikes Place coffee…it was nice!!  Along the beach there is also a miniature Lady Liberty that we used for a photo opp.  The first white settlers to the area called their settlement New York since the city on the east coast with the same name had been so successful.

Our next stop was at the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park where we could have lunch.  We drove directly there and scored street parking right across the street.  We grabbed our picnicking supplies and found a table in the shade where we could eat.  We explored the park quickly as Caden’s stomach was clearly not in good shape then decided to checkout the Fremont Troll on our way home.  I thought this thing was awesome!!  I am not an art guy but this was much better than any piece at the sculpture park in my opinion!!

Back home Caden rested, Dacen read, Steph did a laundry and grocery run and Brielle and I went to the swimming pool.  Steph made dinner then I suggested going to Discovery Park for the evening as this was the one last place we’d wanted to explore for the day.  Caden was feeling back to normal so we all jumped in the truck and headed out.  It was about a 30 minute drive to the beach and I took the opportunity to share a story with the family about my only other visit to Seattle.  It too was on a road trip but with just 2 guys and 2 dogs in a Mitsubishi Eclipse who ended up staying at a pretty posh hotel in the middle of downtown Seattle.

We arrived at Discovery Park without issue but as we approached the beach there was a big intimidating sign saying that to park at the beach you MUST have a permit which can be acquired at the visitor center (which, was closed for the day).  We ignored the sign and continued driving to a very small parking lot at the beach and light house that again had all sorts of warning signs about needing a permit and getting towed away if you don’t.  There was a couple walking back to their car (with Washington plates) in the parking lot and I asked if they had a permit.  “Nope, ” the man replied.  “So you’re just chancing it?” I asked.  “Yep…I’ve been chancing it for years here!” he said.  Alright, when in Rome!  Brielle was very concerned about the truck getting towed but I assured her that getting towed and impounded would be a sure fire way to lengthen our stay in the area (something she had expressed interest in just moments before in the truck).  As the setting sun approached the horizon the parking lot filled up.  Even the huge red striped area by the lighthouse elaborately adorned with No Parking and Fire Lane signs filled up with cars full of sunset viewers like ourselves.  There were now plenty of cars  and one giant crew cab, long bed, 1 ton truck for a tow truck to choose from.  I figured the Beast would be the last choice.  So, with our chances of a lengthened Seattle stay washed away we set out to enjoy this magnificent evening on the beach.

The beach was wonderful.  Cool drift wood, sand, some pebbles and a little beach glass.  Through the haze and/or smog you could see Mt Rainier looming over the city and as you looked the other way toward the sinking sun there was a cute little lighthouse on the beach and the occasional silhouette of a passing sail boat.  We threw rocks in the water, dug in the sand, and climbed on the drift wood.  It was a great evening and I’m sure glad Caden got to enjoy this beach more than he did the one in the morning.

Below are some pictures of the day.  If you only read the email version then you miss out on these albums (and maybe that is fine with you).  However, if you want to check them out, today’s pictures can be seen here and you can find links to all of our albums on our photos page.

Alki beach

Yucky putz!

Searching for sea glass


Our faithful dog

Little Lady Liberty

On the beach

On top of the pile

Pile of wood

French Triscuits

Sculpture park and Space Needle


Family shadow

Doing their own things

Gotta get wet


Cool wood

Sunset at lighthouse

All 5

Love birds

Discovery Park beach

Illegal Beast

Tow away zone


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