Hungry Horse

Our last day in the Glacier National Park area we decided to keep pretty lazy and just stick around the Hungry Horse area.  I worked in the morning, Steph made more travel plans and the kids read and vegged out.  Later in the morning we went on an excursion to check out near by Lion Lake and the Hungry Horse reservoir.  While at the reservoir we took a lot of dam pictures as this thing was pretty impressive…its the 10th tallest dam in the US!  Looking over the edge made my tail bone hurt!!
Dam picture

We drove a little way along the side of the reservoir hoping to find a nice day use area but all the ones we found had day use fees.  On top of the fact that we didn’t plan on staying long (we hadn’t packed a lunch) I’m too cheap to pay the $5 day use fee…especially when none of them really look that spectacular.  We all agreed that we’d make another trip to Lake McDonald before we left the area.

But first we went back to the rig and ate lunch.  I did a little more work while Steph did a grocery run and laundry.  Later, while the two younger kids napped, Caden and I played a game of Lost Cities, we took the dog for a walk and we played a little frisbee.  After Steph got back and we put laundry and food away she put some pork in the pressure cooker and we went back up to the national park to Lake McDonald.  We were going to go to Apgar Village again but Brielle saw the sign for Fish Creek and asked if we could go there.  We obliged as it was only another mile up the road and would be a different vantage point.  This turned out to be a great idea as there were fewer people and still plenty of rocks to skip.  The lake was so calm and peaceful and the air was just the right temperature…it was a perfect way to round out our lazy day.

Back at the rig us boys took showers at the shower house ($0.50 for 10 minutes…but it was a really nice shower) and we all enjoyed dinner together before getting ready for bed.

Steph’s book club is reading The Happiness Project and I have been reading it too.  The book details 12 months of the author trying all sorts of different things to increase her happiness.  But tonight, Brielle asked me to read a few pages out of the kid version of Jesus Calling.  What a contrast!!  In just a couple paragraphs the latter reminded me of what true joy is and where it comes from.  There are still some great ideas in The Happiness Project, but what a refreshing, Bible inspired message from Jesus Calling.

Here are a collection of images from several days we stayed in Hungry Horse…

Site 11

Big foot

Usually Sheba is in the lead





Hunting Indian Paintbrush


Girls on a hike



Huck Pie

Huck pie and Huck ice cream


So happy

Oh yeah

Dam picture

Head shadows on dam

Kids table


Wach on the beach

Skipping rocks

Steph skipped one!

Kids on a log


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