MODS = Amazing!!

We highly recommend The Museum of Discovery!! As I stated in the last post, if you have a membership to your local Science Museum you should check out the Passport Program that allows you to get into museums around the USA for free or reduced rates. In this case we got 2 people in for free.

This place is sooo cool!! You could easily spend 2-3 days here. The main floor starts out with an explanation about the Everglades, when and how they started to be destroyed by humans, what the results have been, and how Florida is dedicated to reviving this important place.

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A Change of Plans – Again! MODS, Water Trolleys, Iguanas and the Beach!

This change of plans seems to be a regular thing for us. Sometimes we are disappointed, but that doesn’t seem to last long since we always seem to be blessed in some way, or happy we changed plans.

Today we had planned to go to the Museum of Discovery (MODS) and then to a State Park. We, of course, got a little later start than I wanted. And I forgot  to look up where to park. We happened upon an amazingly lovely area, by accident, and I could pay to park by phone. And I was pretty sure it was one of the areas we could catch the FREE Water Trolley that goes up and down New River.

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Fort Lauderdale

We stayed in Fort Lauderdale for six days. During this time we went on this boardwalk that had a bunch of wildlife. There were tons of crabs, a lot of clams, and a handful of fish including needle fish, puffer fish, and even a sea skate which is like a stingray only it’s got bones instead of cartilage I think, and I think their babies hatch live like us instead of in eggs. There was also a cool library we went to twice, where we got to read, and a state park where we played on a beach. It was fun doing all of that.  Then we rode on a river trolley which was free and saw some huge iguanas which this nice old lady fed some sort of big yellow flower.
Iguana snacking on flowers

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No love for bicycles?

Since we are in southern Florida I decided to spend a week with a client I have in the area.  And let me pause to say that I am INCREDIBLY blessed to have 2.5 clients who have been very supportive of my reduced hours, crazy work schedule and remote office.  To them I say, thank you thank you thank you!!  We found an RV park only 3 miles from the office which means I can easily commute by bike AND the family still has the truck to use.  Its a win-win!!  I’m usually not a big fan of business trips:  being away from your home, living in a hotel, eating out for every meal, being apart from your family, driving an unfamiliar car and not getting to commute by bike.  But this business trip has none of those and its awesome!!

The lake at TY parkTY park

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