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We highly recommend The Museum of Discovery!! As I stated in the last post, if you have a membership to your local Science Museum you should check out the Passport Program that allows you to get into museums around the USA for free or reduced rates. In this case we got 2 people in for free.

This place is sooo cool!! You could easily spend 2-3 days here. The main floor starts out with an explanation about the Everglades, when and how they started to be destroyed by humans, what the results have been, and how Florida is dedicated to reviving this important place.

There are aquariums with fish, turtles, alligators, and sharks. Up a small staircase there is a bat cave with bats, and other terrariums with tarantulas, snakes, turtles, scorpions,  etc., and a bunny that seemed out of place.  Back down stairs in the way back is an amazing area with otters! We happen to love otters immensely! They describe why they have a log there for their holt, and a waterfall and river slide for them to play on that dumps into the swimming area. There are 3-4 grass areas for them to play in as well. At night they are put inside in dens so they are safe. There are great explanations about the otters – more than I’ve ever seen and it’s spelled out so well!
More river otters

Next to that is an area about the prehistoric age and what they know existed here in Florida. All kinds of interactive maps/screens allowing you to explore actual dig sites here in the state and learn what they dug up there and the significance.

Next we took a simulated ride on an air boat through the Everglades. Then we explored the weather area. The kids each took turns being a weather reporter. We got to produce a cloud – really! And also got to step inside a hurricane! I’m telling you this place is amazing!

We decided to eat lunch before heading up to the 2nd floor. Which.was.amazing!!!

The back part is a temporary exhibit that is called Mind Mansion. It’s a bunch of mind benders and puzzles. If you solve them they give you clues and then you watch a video about an inventor and they give you a password. Once you have 3 of these you can print out a certificate with your picture on it! They were super hard and it was a complicated set of 3-4 things you had to figure out in 4 different areas. Man they really make you work for this certificate! We spent 1-2 hours here alone!

Another amazing area is the flight simulation area! Amazing and fun!! The kids each did about 6 different simulators and they were really cool! You could choose your view point of either chasing the plane or having the view of what it looks like if you are in the cockpit.

Do you trust these pilots?  Brielle learning from her bro

They flew Blue Angels, an Airbus, a WWII plane, and a couple other planes. We went in a Mars Rover simulator which was a 9 minute ride. We also went in this 7D simulator. We agreed the one that made you a child’s toy was way more fun and entertaining than the roller coaster one. But both were super fun. Even Brielle the roller coaster hater loved them and wanted to do them over and over again.

We ran out of time and only got to spend a little bit of time in the Human Body area. There was so much to do and see and learn about! We closed the place down. We were so fortunate to run into both the people that helped us yesterday. One was not even working that day! We told them how much we appreciated their allowing us to come back today and they were so glad we had fun and they were so appreciative we were understanding and flexible. I love nice people! 🙂

After we closed the museum – we literally were the last customers out the door – we went back to the free water trolley to do another round and make sure we saw all the stops. Brielle friended a dog, while I got the dog owner’s opinions on tips and tricks from a local. I got to talking to the boat driver (not as great as yesterdays, but it was St. Patrick’s Day and he was busy!!!) He got super friendly when he found out we were staying at T.Y. Park. He was camping there in just a few days. Sure enough, we saw him as we were on our way out. This trip constantly reminds us what a funny small world we live in!!

The next day was spent resting, doing school work, etc. Brielle and I went to the pool with the neighbors. It was a very nice pool with 3 different areas. I can see why T.Y. Park is so very popular it was a great place with a lot to do! On one portion of a bike ride around the park (which is very large) Caden saw a snake and we saw another iguana! The funniest thing about this place is the number of people from Quebec. No exaggeration 90%+ of the rigs here have Quebec license plates! There were also some from Montreal, New York, Michigan. It makes sense they want to escape the cold, but it was funny seeing so many in one place.



Shark tank


Geiko gecko

Leopard gecko

More river otters

River otters

River otter playground

Get out of there!

Oh no!

Shark lunch

The sibs

Making weather

Green screen

News correspondent Brielle


7D simulator

Blast off

Model aircraft

Caden and Dacen in simulator

Brielle learning from her bro

Brielle and the wheel

Fighter pilot

Do you trust these pilots?

Waiting for water trolley

On the water trolley

From the water trolley

Brielle found a dog to pet

Big palm

Ready to swim

Ms. Universe

Here I am

Gator lunch

Gator tamer

Another Florida big chair

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