Even closer to home – yet so far away! Our Day with Sidney

Being with the Millers was definitely like being home. Another taste of home we got (while being physically over 1,300 miles away from our sticks and bricks home) after a 4 hour drive we were able to see our niece Sidney! This is her first year in college and we’re so happy we got to see her and tour her campus. It’s a beautiful campus! The dorm rooms are super small, so I’m glad she likes her roommate. I think her room is the size of singles where I went to college.

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McWane Science Center

When we walked in the center we saw THE BED OF NAILS!!!!! Caden went first, I would’ve gone first but I wanted to see his expression. The science is, your weight balances out on each nail. For example, you weigh 100 lbs and you are on 50 nails, only 2 lbs of your body is on each nail, like an elephant. An elephant has feet about 10 square inches and weighs 1 ton, each square inch on the foot would be holding only 50 lbs.

What's the point?

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Where they love the governor

My niece (also my God daughter) is attending Samford University in Birmingham…they love the Governor (come on, sing it with me….”Ooooo oooooo oooo”).  So we decided we were close enough to make a day trip up to see her.  Its a 4 hour drive from Mobile but Steph did some of the driving so I could get some work done.  We met Sid on campus and she gave us a tour of her dorm, her room and campus.  I still remember holding her when she was days old and now she’s a college student…wow!!  After a quick bite at Subway we went to the McWane Science Center on a suggestion from both Sid and her dad…plus our Denver Museum of Nature and Science pass got us free admission.  Sweet!

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