Even closer to home – yet so far away! Our Day with Sidney

Being with the Millers was definitely like being home. Another taste of home we got (while being physically over 1,300 miles away from our sticks and bricks home) after a 4 hour drive we were able to see our niece Sidney! This is her first year in college and we’re so happy we got to see her and tour her campus. It’s a beautiful campus! The dorm rooms are super small, so I’m glad she likes her roommate. I think her room is the size of singles where I went to college.

It was starting to drizzle and the campus is not too big, so we were able to take the tour fairly quick before we got some lunch.

I really really wanted to go the the Civil Rights Museum there in Birmingham and I wanted the kids to see it. We have toured the Alamo and some other museums and capital buildings dealing with the civil war and we’ve talked about these southern states seceding and then rejoining the union, so we have covered the topic. But I heard this was an amazing museum and I wanted them, and even myself, to get an even better understanding of what occurred, what people experienced, etc.  However, the kids had been in the car for 4 hours and we had 4 more ahead of us for the return trip. (yes it was a crazy fast, long trip, but worth every minute to see Sid!!) So it was decided that the awesome and fun McWane Science Museum was our activity of the day. Even better, with our membership to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science we have reciprocal privileges at museums and science centers across the USA, so we got in free!

Sid welcomes us in

Dorm room

Samford tour

Chalk wall downtown Birmingham



What's the point?

She's on pins and needles

Get to the point



Air flow

Laser harp

Ball launcher

Whoever relaxes more, wins

Live sea urchins

Sharks and rays to touch

Magnifying shark teeth

Fastest reflexes

Angular momentum

We made an arch


Science class

There were so many fun things to do! Dacen and Huck covered most of them really well in their posts! We all had so much fun hanging out with Sidney! I’m glad she was willing to do her homework on Saturday so she could spend Sunday afternoon with us!

I really wanted to extend our time in Mobile and Birmingham, but it’s so hard to get into the state parks and Huck had found us a reservation at St. Andrews, so there wasn’t much choice. Thanks for some good times Sid, Bill and Karen!

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