Told you so

I’ve heard many stories of people who announce to family and friends their intention to try the nomadic life and are met with raised eyebrows, stern warnings and questions in judgement.  Not so in our case! Our peeps have been nothing but supportive and encouraging.  And so when we hit yet another bump in our journey I received an onslaught of encouragement: “read John 14:27 and Proverbs 2:3-8“, “what can I do to help” and an absolutely amazing offer of assistance which is so incredibly gracious it brought me to tears.  Not once did I hear “I told you so”….except from mine own self!!  My wife has every reason to say this to me but she is staying positive and supportive….she is beautiful!!

One of my biggest weaknesses is that I do not like to ask for or accept help.  I want to serve not be served.  Its stupid but thats the way I am.

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