Hitch in the plans

I’ve had that post title prepared for a long time, ready to whip out when I finally got the hitch installed on the truck.  And the post starts something like this…

Our truck came with a B&W turnover ball goose neck hitch so we decided to get the much loved B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch that goes with it.  We had a small bump in the road to getting it the first try,  but I had found a great deal on a brand new one locally so I scheduled to go pick it up last night down in Denver.  But this is where the story starts to veer away from my expectations.

I start rolling down I-25 and about the time I hit 75 mph my persistent friend the check engine light came on with a message saying that the exhaust fluid was of poor quality.  The DEF tank, the fluid itself, the injector and NOx sensor #1 all only have about 200 miles on them so there is no way that the fluid is of poor quality.  I continued my trip and picked up the hitch, without a hitch…ha!

Once I got home I searched this issue and there are no shortage of forum posts about it, this one probably being the granddaddy of them all.  I think the only thing left to change is NOx sensor #2.  Its in the shop while I assemble the hitch on my front porch.  Needless to say I feel very discouraged and defeated.  I have extremely low confidence that I can put any sort of dependence on our tow vehicle.  Duramax + Allison may be a great combo, but when you team it up with a turd exhaust system all you’ve got is an expensive turd you can’t drive.  I love my bike more and more every day that passes.

So this is not at all the way I had the ending of this post planned in my head….but hey, “that is the definition of adventure”!!

New potential name for the truck: CELO (check engine light on)!

Given this is a family friendly blog I will not link to Adam Sandler’s Reggea style tribute to crappy cars…but I think I know how he feels now.

One thought on “Hitch in the plans

  • January 7, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Huck & Steph, met you all at church over Christmas. We have a Silverrado 350 shortbed Duramax/Allison pulling a 35 ft 5th wheel. Been through the wars with hitches and DEF problems . . . may be able to help. Two years ago we went up through Canada and back with Kim & Shawn and back to Arizona. Last summer up through Moab, Colorado, and back to Ariz. In the past with our old 5th wheel and Dodge truck went to Alaska and back. If I can help just text, email, or call. Btw – remember you need a slider hitch on a short bed truck (so trailer doesn’t hit cab on turns), also the hitch needs to be high enough on the new truck (bed higher than the old ones) so you don’t rub the top of the rails going up & down dips. Make sure on the DEF problems you have experienced – have your dealer do appropriate updates for the various codes. I think I am finally past the DEF issues! We can discuss these wars sometime. Blessings, Bill


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