Still waiting

On Wednesday morning I call the shop about the DEF issue on the truck and made an appointment for 10am.  This is apparently not an appointment to have your vehicle looked at but rather an appointment to get your vehicle in the long queue of vehicles waiting to be looked at.  Sort of like a Disney FastPass that gives you a spot at the end of the standard line!  Today it made it to the front of the queue but as of 4pm (54 hours after my “appointment”) they still do not know what is wrong.  They will work on it tomorrow and said they should have an answer by Monday.  I suspect the implementation of any fix will take some time as well…ugh!

So we are still waiting.  We are stranded.  But if you are going to get stranded somewhere, home is really not a bad option!  If you can judge a location by its name these places might be much worse places to get stranded.

One thought on “Still waiting

  • January 29, 2016 at 5:29 am

    I had the same problem with the “check engine” light coming on on my old Toyota, but the light would come on within the week following the “fix”. After taking my car in 8, yes 8! times, I just learned to live with a ‘bad’ “check engine” light…..😁


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