DC on a shoestring

Most of our blog posts are just a recount of what we did and its primarily for our own memories….so if you read these, thank you and sorry if we bore you.  Today, however, we want to do what good bloggers do and provide some useful information to our readers.  In particular those who wants to travel to DC, with a family, in an RV and is a tight wad.  Is anyone still reading?  No?  Well, I’ll write this anyway.

Both Steph and I had been to Washington DC in our youths and we were excited to visit again but this time share it with our kiddos.  It seems like it should be the perfect place to visit for the budget traveler as all of the museums, memorials and monuments are free!!  But, its the other costs that get you; lodging and transportation being the biggest ticket items.  And while you can attempt to get everything in during a short visit we knew that it would probably take a full week to really see and experience things the way that suits us.  We had just about thrown in the towel and resigned to the fact that it was going to be an expensive week when I struck gold in the lodging department and Steph struck gold in the transportation/parking department!  Will these be real pay dirt, or just fools gold?!

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Mother’s Day

Unfortunately for Steph, Mother’s day was a moving day for us.  But, these are getting less eventful and stressful so I think it turned out ok.  Back on Ocracoke the kids were finding shells with natural holes in them and they got the idea to make her some jewelry for Mother’s day.  Every time Steph would go run an errand or something they’d work on their projects.  In addition to the shell jewelry Dacen was doing some origami flowers and Brielle and Caden were making cards.  So when Sunday rolled around the kids were able to shower her with gifts.  But first, Caden wanted to serve her coffee in bed!
Gifts in bed

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