Mother’s Day

Unfortunately for Steph, Mother’s day was a moving day for us.  But, these are getting less eventful and stressful so I think it turned out ok.  Back on Ocracoke the kids were finding shells with natural holes in them and they got the idea to make her some jewelry for Mother’s day.  Every time Steph would go run an errand or something they’d work on their projects.  In addition to the shell jewelry Dacen was doing some origami flowers and Brielle and Caden were making cards.  So when Sunday rolled around the kids were able to shower her with gifts.  But first, Caden wanted to serve her coffee in bed!
Gifts in bed

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At the AT

Our campground is only 10 minutes from the southern tip of Shenendoah National Park.  From the highway you can turn left and go south along the famous Blue Ridge Parkway or turn right and drive the famous Skyline Drive through Shenendoah.  The mountains here are nothing like our Colorado mountains but they are no less beautiful.  There has been a lot of rain so everything is very green and today the sun was out, which felt really good.

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Life, liberty and the acquisition of happiness

We visited Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.  I knew the bare minimum on TJ before going to Monticello but I feel I know him much better after the visit.  We started our time at Monticello by watching a short video and near the beginning was a quote by Jefferson that really stood out to me…

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.

Wow…TJ and I think alike!  Our family has always made it a point to spend mornings together before school, we walk the elementary kids to and from school, and we eat dinner together even with busy soccer, robotics and dance schedules.  We make it a point to go to church together and we try to have some leisure time together on the weekends when time allows.  I love love love this time together.  But like Jefferson I felt like these moments were relatively few or, maybe more appropriately, that they were going by too fast.

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