Shortest travel day ever

We started researching where to stay while in Orlando.  “Everybody” seems to stay at Di$ney’$ Fort Wilderne$$.  If you are on a week long vacation and you are blowing a big wad of cash in a short amount of time then this probably makes sense, or at least Disney-cents.  But we are on a rather long adventure and need to make our small wad of cash last for awhile…so we were looking for other options.

I came across some reviews for Bill Fredrick Park at Turkey Lake.  This place is the bomb!!  Its $20/nt for a partial hookup site (fine for us) and only $24/nt for full hookup.  The reviews were really positive.  I figured it must be an hour away from the parks for it to be that cheap so I mapped the drive to Universal Orlando…

Look at that…3.3 miles away!!!  Its 30 minutes from Disney but thats still respectable.  We called and were able to secure a place to stay for the duration of our visit.  There was a catch though.  We had to change sites half way through our stay….site #13 for 2 nights, then site #14 for 2 nights.
Campground map
When we arrived site #14 was vacant so we checked to see if we could just have that for all 4 nights.  The lady at the office tried really hard for us.  There were people checked into site #14 but she could not reach them at their contact number.  So we had to set up in site #13.  Site #14 remained vacant until we moved into it….I’m guessing the people left early without checking out.  So we could have stayed the whole time in site #14…but then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to write a post called Shortest travel day ever.  We moved about 10 yards…the odometer didn’t even budge.

Anyhow, I wish we had done a time lapse of the move but we didn’t.  However, I did think to look at my watch and time it.  During our visit with the Boyinks they told us how they could be road ready in 18 minutes.  We didn’t come close to that but I was still pretty happy with our time.  From start of packing up at one site to the end of unpacking at the other site it was 1 hour.  There were a very few shortcuts we took like not tying the chairs down and just carrying the hose, power cord, chocks, etc by hand to the neighboring site.  But I think we could be road ready in 30 minutes if we had to.

Campground map

Playing around

Anhinga at the lake

Anole camo

Not easy being green

Anole showing off


Looking for lizards


The park had a nice playground, disc golf course, Turkey Lake, and a good bathroom/shower house (although our last day the boys and I ran out of hot water in the shower).   The kids had fun hunting down wildlife to capture on camera.  Be sure to check out some of their pics above.  We would have loved to stay through the weekend but the place was booked completely up due to a regatta race going on at Turkey Lake.

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