We Rode a Whole Bunch of Rides

At Disney World we rode a ton of rides. It was so much fun! I feel a haiku coming on actually…

We traveled afar

The happiest place on earth

I had so much fun.

Krazy kid

Alright that was a good one! Now heres how the day went. We started at the entrance. We walked to Frontier Land very far from the entrance then we walked to TomorrowLand at the opposite side of the park, then back, then again to TomorrowLand I believe, then we did everything in between. Besides all the walking, I had sooo much fun. We rode almost half of the rides in Magic Kingdom. And then we ate dinner and then watched a show that was awesome, and finally an almost equally astounding firework show. Awesome day. Then I immediately fell asleep at home.
Magic fireworksHere are some of our Magic Kingdom pictures for you to enjoy.

Fam at the kingdom

Frontier World

Thunder Mountain

Push it



Splash mountain

Bad boys

Look who's driving!

Driver Dacen

The castle

Magic Kingdom

Our favorite

Lunch time

Its a Small World

Its a Small Boat too

In the air

Magic carpet ride

Cute pirate



Tree house

Caden is not worried

Jungle cruise

Jungle elephants


Krazy kid

Nice ponytail

This freaks Papa out!!

Do you like my hat

Princess Dacen

Night time castle

Magic fireworks



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