Goose Island

We had made reservations at Goose Island State Park for a few days and we needed to pick up a package there.  The drive to the park was pretty straight forward but the park was surprisingly full.  They told us to drive around and figure out a spot we wanted and then come back.  We were camping in the “wooded area” which is full of really cool trees…but could I squeeze my big rolling home into some of these spots?  We chose one we thought would work and started to park.  It was a back in site so Steph spotted my blind side while I backed in.  An englishman from Canada, Tim, came over to help while our neighbor Lee watched.  One shot was all it took!

After setting up home and having some lunch Dacen and I went for a bike ride to the bay.  It was SUPER windy out at the “premium” bay side campsites….sure glad we’re in the wooded area.  Our package had arrived at the park office so we picked it up on our way home.

We hung out in the yard for awhile then the kids and I went on a walk around the park.  We found a nature trail that was real nice.  We met a dog, climbed a tree and toured a teardrop camper.

I definitely prefer the state park campgrounds to the commercial, private parks.  Sure they don’t have sewer but our tanks do the trick for several days.  They have so much more space, great views, are quiet and CHEAP!

Dacen and Papa go for a bike ride to the bay

Dacen on the bay

A sand (or shell) bar


Tailgate party

Nature hike

Great climbing trees out here

The "big tree" over 1000 years old

Seriously some of the best climbing trees I've seen


2 thoughts on “Goose Island

  • February 10, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    Is this still in Texas?

    • February 10, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      Yes….still in Texas….just north of Corpus Christi. I’ve started tagging the posts with the state we are in.


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