Prayers for CMC man

It was a beautiful Saturday morning.  Clear blue skies and warm sun.  We were trucking south on I-37 towards Corpus Christi going our usual less-than-the-speed-limit speed when a group of 8-10 motorcycles passed us in the left lane.  They had some really nice looking bikes and they were all wearing their Calaveras Motorcycle Club of San Antonio jackets.  Maybe 10-15 minutes later I see brake lights ahead and so I slow down to see a bike down in the middle of the interstate!  All his comrades had peeled off the interstate and were coming back to his aid…many of them didn’t even use their kickstands….they just dropped their bikes and were running back.  As we approached I could guess what happened.  There was a pretty good chunk of carpet in the interstate and more like it in the back of a pickup that was pulled over.  So I think the carpet flew out of the bed of the truck and interfered with the biker.  As we creeped passed we could tell the man was moving but we prayed…we prayed hard that he would be ok.

How quickly a perfect day can turn into a nightmare.  I thought about the man’s mom…the pain she would feel knowing her son was hurt.  I thought about the guy in the truck hauling the carpet…the guilt he must feel.  I thought about the importance of community as the biker’s buddies all came running to help without regard for their pricey bikes.

Lord, give peace to the biker’s mom/wife/family, healing to the biker’s body, healing to the heart and mind of the carpet hauler and blessings to the biker’s buddies.  Amen

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