Downtown Fort Davis

We are camped at the MacMillen (or McMillen, I’ve seen it spelled both ways here) RV Park just 1/4 mile from Fort Davis town center.  Its a full hookup site and has good wifi!  It gets below freezing at night so we’ve just been running off the fresh water tanks and dumping as needed.  The sewer inlets sit about 6 inches above grade which made for a great science lesson for the boys as we proved the theory that poop doesn’t run uphill.  If you are a seasoned RVer you have this little contraption that looks like a model train bridge that elevates your sewer hose on its path to the sewer inlet.  If yer a cheapskate like me you use the ol’ lift-it-in-sections technique.  But with the contents weighing about 5.5lbs per foot in a container with the rigidity of a slinky this technique should not be relied upon in the future.  But enough about that, the fun part of the day was exploring the  downtown metropolis of Fort Davis!

We started at the chamber of commerce where we picked up a walking tour pamphlet.  We went next door to the library and it swallowed us up.  What a fun library.  The kids grabbed some books and a seat and started reading.  The librarian even let us take a few books with us…no library card, just trust!  I had to take a phone call so I sat out in the sun in the library’s back yard.  We went into the court house where the justice of the peace talked our ear off….real sweet lady.  We checked out all the churches in town…a couple of them were unlocked and unoccupied so we let ourselves in.  We wrapped things up at the drug store where we shared a couple malts.

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