Steph’s Pre-launch Thoughts

Some people have verbalized my own feelings about this adventure – you are crazy! However, a LOT of people have said this is their dream and they want to travel around the USA in an RV someday and they are going to live vicariously through us. Well let me give you a view into reality. It’s not all whimsy and dreaming. This is HARD! Especially if you are frugal and you don’t want to go into debt. If you have kids that are in school and LOVE their school, teachers and friends, that adds a level of difficulty you have to navigate.
To Do list:
– Finding the 5th wheel was easier than expected.
– Huck had clients that he could work for while on the road.
– Given the tight market and our desirable location, we thought finding a renter would be the easiest part. Wrong! Whether it was time of year, the 6 month lease, or no pets were allowed, we could not find renters. This added a long list of to-do and stresses.
– Figure out the school/home school situation and curriculum
– “Do” all the holiday stuff
– Figure out what we HAD to take, what we COULD take, WHEN it could be packed and moved, and how to fit it all in 300sqft, staying within the truck and 5th wheel weight limits. Remember 5 of us will live, work, play and do a small space.for 6 months.
– Support Huck and kids through all of the difficulties, worries, and transitions
– The worst part: Clean the house again and again and again to show potential renters.
– My to do list never got shorter, more and more things kept coming up
– Then there was the truck. Huck’s posts covered all of that. Let’s just say that created many problems. And much limbo.
LIMBO is hard. Really hard.
Being caught in Limbo was mentally and emotionally difficult. We thought we would leave right after the New Year. Get the house packed up, get the rig loaded and off we would go! Or not. The truck problems left us in limbo…for weeks! I felt paralyzed. What could I pack and when? We had no idea when we could/would leave. It was the question everyone asked and we couldn’t answer. It was all dependent on the truck. When would it be fixed and would that stinkin Check Engine light go on again? Mentally and emotionally it was hard to be in limbo. Was this the last time I would see this friend? Would we be gone in a few days or a few weeks? Should the kids stay in school or start home schooling?
Finally, saying goodbye for now to our friends, family, and our house. We are so fortunate that we live near family we love, we have amazing, wonderful friends and we have been in our house for 16 1/2 years. It was very weird leaving the house knowing that someone else would live there for the next few months.
Now to figure out how to cook in the very small space. I’ve heard the oven is hard to bake in – even though it’s small nothing cooks evenly. There is almost no counter space for prep. I hope I can do this home school thing. We kind of have to figure out a new way of doing most of our normal daily activities.
Off we go!

3 thoughts on “Steph’s Pre-launch Thoughts

  • January 29, 2016 at 5:35 am

    Steph, you and Huck made it all look easy. You all worked together and even though the first part of January was not part of the plan you are on the road now and you were so supportive of Huck and the kids. You are amazing and I am very proud to call you my daughter. When you hit a bump in the road take a deep breath and know you can do anything. Love you Mom

  • January 29, 2016 at 5:53 am

    There were many times I was ready to give up…I was certain this was a mistake…I felt crushed, defeated and stupid. But every time YOU were the one to lift me up, to push us forward. You are still a cheerleader! Thanks for having my back and supporting this ridiculous dream of mine!!

  • January 29, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    Hang in there girl you are amazing you can do it!!!


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