Oh I love the south! It’s green and gorgeous and the people are so friendly! I have not spent hardly any time in the south save for a couple business trips and a trip to New Orleans in college for a marketing convention. So I’m enjoying learning about and experiencing this part of the USA!

However, we are at a difficult point in our trip. We are feeling like we don’t have much time left. Only a little over 2 months left, but a LOT left to see and do. Wahington DC, New York, Boston, the outer Banks. Each of those are probably 5-7 days easily. Not to mention Virginia, and we’d like to get up to Maine if possible. Then there’s the drive back to Colorado and things we want to see on the way back. Nashville and Memphis, and Mammoth Cave in KY to name a few. So we’re trying to pick and choose where to spend our time. Therefore, we only had two days in Charleston, NC.

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Fort Sumter and Some Other Stuff About the Civil War

Fort Sumter is in Charleston South Carolina and the first shot of the Civil War was shot there. Some Yankees came down and took Sumter in the night and the next morning raised a huge flag which the townspeople took as a sign of aggression. (I really don’t see what’s aggressive about that ;-)) After laying siege for a couple months the Confederates got bored and threatened to attack. They sent a shell which exploded over the parade ground and even though it didn’t do any damage it acted as a signal shot for the other forts surrounding it. After a while the Union soldiers realized that they didn’t have the manpower to shoot back. They raised a white flag and did a 100 cannon salute, however in the salute Private Daniel Hough had his arm torn off during a misfired cannon shot which killed him instantly making him the first casualty of the war even though it was an accident. Poor guy, how embarrassing.

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