Larry and Penny save the day

Steph already told you about our search for a place to stay near the everglades.  But I have a few things to say about it too so I’ll share them with you now.  On the drive from the Keys, Steph took a short video of me giving my 2 month roadaversary update.  In there I stated “my hope going forward is that we meet more people and engage in more conversations”.  So keep that in the back of your mind as you read this.

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I’m a land lubber.  Born and raised in CO.  I took just enough swimming lessons as a kid to make sure I could save my own life if I ever fell into some water.  Water activities are not my favorite especially when they involve putting my face in the water.  I first snorkeled in high school in Belize, then on our honeymoon in Cancun.   It was amazing but it just stressed me out.  This Easter we got snorkeling gear from the Easter bunny and we were just a short drive from Key Largo so we set off for a day trip to snorkel at John Pennekamp state park.

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Easter Sunday at the Bay

This post actually starts on Saturday, the day before Easter.  Steph was sure Dacen had caught whatever crud Brielle had so she took him to the doctor to get him antibiotics.  Brielle, Caden and I hung around the trailer doing work/school work.  In the afternoon we dyed eggs.  I’m not sure what it is about this activity but I am always surprised about how fun it is.  Our favorite way to decorate is while the eggs are still piping hot we use crayon to partially decorate the eggs.  Then we use the little pellet dyes that use vinegar.  This combo makes for some very vibrant eggs.  Dacen got up enough energy to do a couple but the poor kid was dragging big time.
Egg decorators

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3rd Times a Charm!

While in Ft. Lauderdale I tried to research where we should stay after our time in the Keys. We wanted to be somewhere central in order to check out the Everglades and yet be able to go to Key Largo.

One place I researched was Larry and Penny Thompson Park. It was reasonably priced, looked really cool, got good reviews, in fact, it seemed perfect, but it was on the south end of Miami and not as central as the Homestead area. The Homestead area is definitely very centrally and ideally located to the Keys and the Everglades. In fact, it’s the closest location to both, without actually staying in the Keys or the Everglades. But the RV parks get very mixed reviews and they are expensive.

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The Key to the Keys

I’m gonna tell you all about the Keys. Gas is kind of expensive as well as a lot of other stuff. Next you can’t find a T-shirt on Key West that doesn’t say Key West. Also the water is very cool. I wish we’d gone snorkeling but we didn’t have gear. We went there when there were some clouds and wind but it was still fun.

We stayed at an expensive place but we got to go to a yacht club for free. It had a beach paradise and a pool that was just perfect. The showers were okay. When I was taking my shower back home I didn’t know that it was plumbed backwards and it turned out my pressure was the worst too, it was just a strong mist. So I ended up getting misted with cold water in a tiny dark compartment that somehow got classified as a “shower.” Yeah. That deserves quotations. Meanwhile Dacen had an awesome shower that was the opposite of mine and Papa had a pretty good one too. Mine should be called a rewohs and a lower class one at that.

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