Sawgrass, Managators, and Sausage All in the Everglades!

Have you ever wondered what sharp grass has in common with sausage? No? Well I hope you’re curious because if you keep reading I’ll tell you that and what a managator is.Today we went to the famous Everglades! First, we went on this boardwalk and saw three alligators and we think we heard a bunch more. We also saw a turtle, a ton of birds, and some lizards.
Gator spotted!
Next, we went to this other place called Flamingo and we learned more about manatees. Did you know that a manatee is more like a horse than a cow? They call it sea cow because seahorse was already taken! Then, we walked to the marina over yonder and saw a few manatees! I saw one kind of leap out of the water a little bit which was really cool! We didn’t end up seeing any crocodiles, but we saw one more gator lying on the side of the road as we left the Flamingo place. Fine I’ll tell you what a managator is though some of you have probably already guessed. A managator is a figment of my imagination. It’s a cross between a manatee and an alligator. Now, we’re heading to a hammock which is an island of hardwood trees in an ocean of sawgrass.
After that we went to a short boardwalk in the middle of the sawgrass and I got to see the sawgrass up close and luckily I had heard a poem that went like this:

Sedges have edges, Rushes are round, Grasses are hollow, Like a hole in the ground.

The sawgrass had three edges but as I was thinking to myself, I figured that the sawgrass was a sedge, but If you put saw and sedge together, what do you get? Say it out loud…. Sawsedge! Sausage! Just like seahorse, the word sausage was already taken. So that is how sawgrass and sausage are alike!

Bye-Bye!  -Caden

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  • April 6, 2016 at 3:35 am

    Very fascinating Caden. Great job!


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