New Orleans, Food, People, and Jazz

Mmmmm I can still smell the beignets right before me as I was eating them. They tasted so good as well as the other food that we had in New Orleans. The beignets sure were good but my other favorite food was the muffaletta. The muffaletta is a sandwich that has this olive sauce and some other stuff in it. Now that I’m sure I have all your mouths watering I’m going to talk about people. We saw a lot of street performers. I did like this one magician we saw, but my favorite street performers were these four guys who called themselves Dragon Master showcase. They did comedy along with acrobatics / breakdancing. They were really cool to watch as well as being really funny! I also liked the musicians. They performed a whole lot of different types of music. I don’t know what I was thinking New Orleans would look like, but it amazed me.

Mmmmmmm beignets,


Uss Lexington, The Beach, and The Ferry

Wow. I don’t know what I thought the Lady Lex (we still don’t know why it’s called that.) would be like, but it was really fun!  First thing we did were these “virtual battle stations” one of which was fun and the others downright hard! I could have flown the planes better if they acted more like planes. Yeah, I think I could fly a plane. Granted I would probably crash and burn, but I might be able to escape with only a few broken bones, or just parachute out in the air. Then, we watched this really cool 3D movie about going to mars and beyond. I think I want to be an astronaut someday, it would be fun to drink orange juice. Then we toured the foc’sle which means forecastle because it used to look like a castle on the front of the ship. Also, the top of the ship was cool with all of the planes and the big guns. After the USS Lexington, we went to this beach which was awesome. The waves were choppy, so it was even more fun than it could have been otherwise. Finally, we headed home. But not just on the bridge. We rode a ferry! It was really fun but it was fast.

Signing off,

Supreme Commander of Awesomeness a.k.a Caden

My Pet Peeve

You know how some things are just really annoying to you and no one else? Well one of my pet peeves is when people say words wrong. Argh! It just really gets me, and I’m forced to correct the person knowing that they’ll say it wrong again and again. One of the main things people say now that I really notice is when they refer to our FIFTH wheel instead they say R.V., or even worse: fith wheel. Ahhh! It strikes terror into my soul the terrible word fith. It’s so horrible! My eye are burning! And here is an example of how fake and wrong this word is, whenever I type fith it changes it to with. Mmmmmmm key lime pie…. Anyway back to reality. I think I’ll sign off now.

TTFN, Tata for now,
Supreme Commander of Awesomeness less known as Caden

P.S. I never know how to end, but that seems good enough right? And it expresses my amazingness and love of key lime pie.

P.P.S I really don’t know why I was thinking of key lime pie, but it’s tasty, so, yeah, bye I guess.

99 cent cookies

Okay, so Carlsbad was pretty cool! The lame part was Dacen speeding to get out and Brielle dragging her feet. At least we got to drop them in the bottomless pit thats really only 140 feet deep. Alright… We didn’t really get to drop them. That would’ve been against the rule no touching the formations. We saw a whole lot of formations! Here’s a list: stalagmites, stalactites, stalagpipes, and stalaclights. They were all really cool. I learned that it is very important that the national parks are protected, because God forbid, if they weren’t, there would be bathrooms and drinking fountains in the heart of the cave as well as a snack bar that sold sandwiches and 99 cent cookies. Man THAT would be horrible. People are weird sometimes.

People are crazy,
Caden: a.k.a lieutenant Ellsworth Bertholf<– inside joke.

The Long Wach Across America

Well, I must say, I am excited. At first I did not want to go at all, but now it sounds fun, besides living in a bedroom with both of my siblings, living out of a little “closet” and most of all, missing my friends and school. Now, I really should apologize for my overuse of commas, I just, LOVE, Commas! I just really like commas. Aaaanyways, now I am very excited because I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning, (6:30 is way too early.) the school days are going to be shorter, (not that I don’t like school.) there’s going to be no such thing as homework, (or, wait, what? Is it all homework? Oh no, I really dislike homework! Or maybe, oh nevermind.)  and overall it will be one huge field trip to Disney World, beaches, Disney World, boring museums, and Disney World! I really don’t know what this trip will hold, whether it will be fun or not, (though it surely will be.) if we’ll be home in time for soccer tryouts, and if we really are going to get a dog afterward, (I have asked so many times since I was two, and the reply was always… Later) and most importantly, if I am going to meet the muffin man. (I’m gonna ask for his autograph!)

Well, T.T.F.N (Ta-Ta For Now)