New Orleans, Food, People, and Jazz

Mmmmm I can still smell the beignets right before me as I was eating them. They tasted so good as well as the other food that we had in New Orleans. The beignets sure were good but my other favorite food was the muffaletta. The muffaletta is a sandwich that has this olive sauce and some other stuff in it. Now that I’m sure I have all your mouths watering I’m going to talk about people. We saw a lot of street performers. I did like this one magician we saw, but my favorite street performers were these four guys who called themselves Dragon Master showcase. They did comedy along with acrobatics / breakdancing. They were really cool to watch as well as being really funny! I also liked the musicians. They performed a whole lot of different types of music. I don’t know what I was thinking New Orleans would look like, but it amazed me.

Mmmmmmm beignets,


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