Bill and Karen Miller were super nice, they took us out on their fishing boat. Before the boat ride, I thought, we were going to go slow. But when we got on the boat, we had to back out of the dock, turn around, get going, then BAM! We were going 50 knots or (55 mph) 1 knot is 1.13 mph.There was a buoy that said NO WAKE! near some docks and fancy stores and restaurants. Karen told us that that meant we had to slow down so we didn’t make a wake that would damage another boat. We also had to be slow as we went under the bridge.

We entered the bay. Immediately I saw a gray fin. DOLPHINS! I shouted. Bill stayed slow. And then the others saw the dolphins. Next thing we knew, we saw a head and fin pop up about 3 feet from the boat! And then again. The Millers said that was the closest a dolphin had been from them.

About 5-10 minutes later, Bill sped up again. Going across the rest of the bay, we had no luck spotting dolphins. It took about an hour to get all the way across the bay. Then, we got to a river. And I got to steer. All by myself! We were even going about 18 knots or (20 mph).

Finally, we got to Lucy Buffet’s. Apparently, Jimmy Buffet sings some songs there in June. While we were waiting for a seat Caden, Brielle, and I played in the sand. Sand?! Why is that here? To be honest I don’t know. Finally, the buzzer went off. I ordered a Crab melt to split with Caden because it’s big. It was soooo goood! I was so hungry, I probably could’ve eaten another half.

Next, we went down a river. I didn’t know where we were going. Next thing I knew, we were going about 47 knots or (50 mph) then we stopped really quickly. I saw something black whip over our heads then Bill asked,”Who lost some black pants?” then Karen said,”Those are mine.” We turned around and fished them out of the water. We kept on going along the river. Then, we docked up by a Yacht store. We walked up a ramp. We went to the market. I saw tons of nasty potato chip flavors and delicious jerky. We actually came to the market to get some boiled peanuts though. I couldn’t stand the smell of them.

On the way back the waves were awesome, we would go up 1 side of the wave and then go down the other side of a different wave one time there was such a big wave that when we landed the anchor reeled out so we had to stop and reel it in again. Every once in a while, Bill would reel in the anchor to be safe. In the Dog River we saw 2 jet skis floating on the water but no jet skier. Then we saw a head pop up and we went over to the jet skis. The guy said his jet skis were out of gas and his buddy was getting some. Finally, we got back to the Miller’s home.


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