WWII Museum

Huck heard the WWII museum was phenomenal and it was! A very nice old man summoned us as we entered the parking lot next to the museum. He had only been at the museum for a few minutes and he wanted us to use his parking space, thus saving us $10 in parking! What a sweet man!  [Huck here…yeah, that right there made my day.  Its only $10.  But when you are as tight as I am and you are bleeding money like we are this is reason to celebrate]

The museum is enormous! If you go, get there when it opens and plan to stay til it closes. No I’m not kidding. [Huck here….yeah, she’s not kidding.  Its totally worth the ticket price AND the $10 parking].  We got there a little later – around 11ish and by the time we parked, bought tickets, and ate a lunch we had packed it left us only 5 1/2 hours. Still not enough time. There are 2 optional movies. One we knew Brielle wouldn’t like, so she and I did math during that 30-40 minutues. Brielle and I did join the boys during the submarine experience/movie. That was really very fun. I think we were all confused at first, not realizing it’s not just a movie you watch, but rather an experience/re-enactment.  [Huck here….the other was a 4D movie by Tom Hanks.  It does not use 3D glasses…it used actual objects as part of the movie.  Unique cinematic method which was cool but the content was great too.  I wouldn’t pass it up on your visit ]

We of course loved seeing all the huge planes, the weapons, and the uniforms. And the kids LOVE movies. Of course the subject material is not one you can say you love, but, being in movie form it’s so much easier for them to understand and follow. Did I mention we were there for over 5 1/2 hours?!?

The museum was broken into several areas, but the 2 main ones we got to thoroughly explore were the Road to Berlin and the Road to Tokyo. What impressed all of us was the decor. They tried to make it feel like you were over there. It looked like you were in the battered towns with rocks (that I literally tripped over) and splintered beams and a jungle motif, and European arches, etc. There was even a section where you felt like you were walking through the snow. The movies were projected in many different creative ways. Sometimes on a rock wall, or a table, or a regular screen. There were areas where you could listen to real stories/testimonies.

There was an interactive table in the US FREEDOM PAVILION: THE BOEING CENTER. I can’t describe it in a way that will do it justice, but you were able to choose which part of the war and which battle you wanted to learn about. I felt like it took you in a very easy to understand way, through the timeline of the war.

All of us (even the youngest!) agree that it was very well done and worth the time and money! I highly recommend you visit to better understand the sacrifices and the experiences a whole generation of people had to endure.  [Huck here…yeah, totally worth it.  When we asked how Brielle liked it she said she had a lot of questions.  And I have to agree it really made me realize how little I know about WWII and how much more I want to learn.  I too have a lot of questions now]

I could spend so much more time here in New Orleans. I still wanted to see the Civil War museum. I wanted to try more than one version of each of the major traditional dishes (Jambalaya, muffeleta, gumbo, etc.) We still didn’t get to eat crawfish. I really think that would be a hoot to see the kids served that dish! Bummer. I guess we’ll have to return! 🙂

Checking out the cockpit

Researching the Battle of the Bulge

More battle research

Hanging with the planes

Impressive aircraft

Museum was really well done

Checking out the guns

Note taker

Felt like a jungle

Rain as we crossed the Mississippi


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