The D word and the A word

It should not be a surprise to those who know me that I’d rather be on a bicycle than in a car.  And if I must be in a car, it will be a super small fuel efficient vehicle.  Given our choice of a large 5th wheel this required a large truck which is neither a bike nor a small fuel efficient vehicle.  On a recent excursion to Austin we found ourselves in HEAVY rush hour traffic where we were sitting still and the smart cycling commuters were flying past us.  We had all 5 bikes in the back and I was so frustrated I almost suggested we ditch the truck and go the rest of the way on bikes.  Then one of the boys used the “D” word!!  They asked me “is this as bad a Denver?”.  My family knows how much I hate driving through Denver…traffic is always bad….ALWAYS.  So for me, Denver is a bad word.  After our experience in Austin we may have a new bad word, the “A” word!

There is a lot to like about Denver…and we did have a great time in Austin (especially when on our bikes).  But traveling through either city with the other “A” word (automobile) makes my skin crawl.

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