Blessings in the Delays

Being in limbo was so hard and mentally and emotionally draining. We were delayed by about 3 weeks and we didn’t know when we could leave. As hard and frustrating as it was, there were so many blessings in the delay!

The kids got to see their friends and catch up after Christmas Break! For 9 extra days they got to go to school and be with their friends and their teachers! Some kids would not be excited about going to school, but our kids were thrilled! They love their teachers and they were so happy to be with their friends. It was also good to get them back into school mode. We’ve never home schooled and I think it would have been harder for all of us to get into the school mode after the flurry of Christmas and packing.
Another blessing – during Christmas so many people are traveling or busy with family. I was soooo blessed to see and spend time with friends from church, school, and our community during our delay! So many people I was glad to have one more conversation with, one more hug, one more laugh. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends that I love and adore – thank you for being you! We also got one (sometimes 2!) more dinners with parents, siblings, nieces and nephews!
We were able to meet and find the right renters. I truly believe God had a hand in the timing. I had prayed for the right people to come our way and I believe they did. Whether it was to help us, or to help them, I might never know.
I believe too that we will never know some of the blessings in our delay. It might be bad weather we avoid, an accident we would have been in, or some other disappointing event. We probably will never know, but I trust the timing was for a reason.
And in the end I was finally ready to go. It’s not a secret that I was a little reluctant to be gone from my wonderful home, family, friends and community. I love to travel, but the length of time and the small space was a bit much. But I was finally ready to hit the road and take on this adventure!
So delays can be disappointing and frustrating, but they are often lined with many many wonderful blessings!

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