Should I be stressed?

I can come up with good support for both answers to that question.  The fact is, I am stressed.  And I really should be trying to enjoy this time of gearing up for our launch.  I mean, everyone else is excited for us.  They say, “I bet you’re getting excited”, “I am so jealous”, “Are you all ready to go?”, “Did you get a truck yet?”. Its awesome that we have so many encouraging friends and family who are interested in our adventure.  But every one of their questions and comments sort of blasts the DEFCON 1 horn in my head.  There is still so much to do but we are taking it one step at a time and like Lady Macbeth once said, “what’s done is done” to which I have added “and what isn’t done still needs to be done”.

The truck?  Oh I’m glad you asked (DEFCON 1 horn blaring in my head)!  So the great deal I thought I found was a dud.  My broker friend has a very keen eye and noticed some damage.  After getting some more pictures we realized it was not a good deal at all.  So we have been pursuing one in Sublette Kansas…you never heard of it?  Me neither!  The check engine light was on so we had a 3rd party diesel mechanic do an inspection today.  The check engine light was just a broken wire on the fuel water sensor…trivial repair.  I’m waiting to get the rest of the report on the truck.  Maybe by week’s end we’ll have something to pull Ava with.

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